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FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)

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***Help Donating via-Paypal 5-7 Team!!! We want to buy a Wacom (A drawing tablet) to do better drawings and flash. We will appreciate if u can help us buy that! Thanks!
--Thanks! Daily 1st!, OMG Frontpage, AGAIN!? THANKS NG AND ALL!xD

---Read FAQ(Fuck, lol) at the bottom of this---

So finally it's here! The second installment of Final Fantasy Mixed in Balamb episode 2! If you haven't watched episode 1 and the first part of episode 2, please go and see them first... All drawings done with mouse!
1-When is next episode coming out: well it all depends on how we pace ourselves yet a high score certain cheers us up into making more.
2- About Wakka's death: Quistis didn't think he was dead, maybe just ko'd so she tried some phoenix downs.
3- Vincent: he ain't dead, he is ko'd.
4- Cyclope's song is TRANSYLVANIA, by Iced Earth.

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It's great how you make such elaborate cartoons. I just love Auron's attitude. At first, I thought I wouldn't like how it was all about "Final Fantasy". Then you threw in a bunch of other video game references. Then you had cameos by other characters! The voices were great in this.

I really do recognize a lot of these people. It's a pity that they don't seem to be here anymore. Sephiroth was also great. I had no idea that was his name in the song. You had some spelling errors.

Epic <3


cloud: ahh!! how long its going to take us to get to the fregin room?! squall: i don't know why dont u fly us up there. cloud: what! squall yuou are a cloud right cloud: im going to prtend i dint here that! vintesnt: both of u just shut the fuck up! that was my most favorit part!!


The jokes were pretty good. Like the animation this time around. it's really improved since the last episode, and even the last part of this one.


Auron,yorea good luck great pimp,clunky!LOL