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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

dude my friends and i love this riddle!!!

it cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be herd, cannot be felt, it lies behind stars, and hills, and empty fills, cames first follows after, kills life, destroys laughter.....HAHAHAH!!! oh that never gets old...

two down, one to go!!

It's a shame that Wakka had to die, but this was still really good. Final Fantasy is one of my all time favorite series of video games.

Make more like this


guess what more coments

alright awsome movie the best yet. 1. THANKS SEPHIE! goodbye Wakka! i liked how you used that the same way Airith died. 2. Hey guys check out my new lenes haha! 3. Auron gets to party! he also gets his booze! 4. whaa? Can you please repeat the riddle? Whaa? Can you please repeat the ridd.... NO! DAMN! lol. Great job

Brilliant job...

a tribute to Sephiroth (who never seems to disapoint) for doing the final fantasy series a favor by finally riding us of one of the series biggest dorks yet, if a hated anyone more than Tidus it would be Waka. I found this entertaning and any fan of the FF series and castlevania would to.


brilliant shit man.. srzlii soo funyy shit.. but yeah wakka dies =O LOL he was stoopid neway.. LOL the riddles.. funni ass shit.. neayy keep it upp ! =)