Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

Another great installment

Your drawing skills without a tablet are INSANE. Hopefully, you got enough money from the Paypalerz to get yourself a Tablet by now. Utterly superb. Also, if Auron doesn't score at the end of this series I will lose all hope I had in him! I will classify him for the rest of my life as a good for nothing drunkard >:(

Quistis , Rinoa and Tifa = Hawt Sauce

.......is how I explain myself after watching this

I really DISPISE REVIEWERS the Reviewers on TMNT REBEL are talking about when they say

*WARNING* bull shit detected ----->" Eats Pie: ure not good at it this random, Eatspie 2 years ago really doesn't know what He/she is talking about Seriously, unless they must be a prep and not down to earth .... anyway

my kind of humor .............. Its priceless, when I watched this about 2 years back It is NOw EPIC too me now that i'm watching it again two years later. Since i'm familiar with FInal fantasy I really get alot of things that this parody shows, which is the funniest stuff I have ever encountered, even professional shows arent as funny as this.. VERY NICE! I just am shocked of your works, your the best I know.
I really didn't think about making a NewGrounds account until now soo i'm recent. but I have visited new grounds alot in the past anyway ....... x< this is a wierd Review xD


Could you repeat the riddle?

great job!

You did it again! Now to watch the next one (i hope it wont be the last)

Lengthy and worth it

Very entertaining and sephiroth was there, thats just awesome.