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TmsT's "Up Skit Creek"

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Eight short, animated "skits" not unlike the sort of thing that I did in my recent university threatre days.
Put your mouse pointer in the upper left corner for pause/rewind/etc controls so that you can see the one-frame stuff that separates each "skit".
Warning: This movie contains nudity, death, political incorrectness and hard-core pun.

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Cuphead did 9/11!
Also, Clyde from Pac-Man is orange, not pink.


Take that protestants and (but not limited to)

atheists, satanists, pastafarians, nazis, monkeys, whales, seth green, charlie sheen, charlie seane, and possibly the space men of planet XYZ

They call me...

the sperminator...

You're Right!

Naked Lady + Newgrounds = WIN!!1!!!! xD