Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""

lol kool

I liked it alot just like i like every thing by tmst!
i gave violence a 2 because the guy in the car hit the window wiper
i gave interactivity a 1 because the was... the play button. thats all


This movie was freakin hilarious man and I loved that part making fun of George Bush it was just too stupid. I'm still crackin up from when he said "Now show it in Legos." Then the other guy popped up and showed it with Colin's profile. You just found all the right pics for GW in that cartoon. One thing I noticed was that guy presenting it said "amine" for one.

Woah !!

5/5 For this submission and straight into my Favorites xD

Good job *thumbs up* !!

Take Care

Pretty sweet!

Most excellent humorousness, even the dark bit with the clown! The first one was like some in MAD magazine (& MadTV), so that was a nice treat.

In one of those scene-dividers, I could have sworn I saw Sonic's girl/friend, but I didn't want to take the time to go frame-by-frame and check. Cute, if it was!

Keep up the good work, even elsewhere!

The Best Dada Art Since FEF

You, my friend, are the greatest Dada Flash Animator there ever was!! (Chances are you didn't even know you were, nor what Dada is. Look it up on Wikipedia and you'll see that I'm right.) Keep up the nonsense!!!!