Reviews for "TmsT's "Up Skit Creek""


TmsT has always been the master of random movies, his Animutations are priceless, and even his non-animutational works still have good merit for great stuff! Here are some reviews of my 2 favourite parts:

9-11 Legoes:
Political Satire, I kinda like this one because it has an animutation style to it, and even worse all the ways Bush wanted to see 9/11 recreated were hilarious, but nothing was better than the Colin Mochrie scene at the end, and even worse that speedmix of Hyakugojyuuichi you even throwed in!

Nude Art Class:
Wow, he got a more literal example of "Nude Art Class" than what he thought he was getting...learning Art naked instead of drawing Naked people! OWNED!

If anyone wants to have the awesomeness of that scene described, look at all of the other reviews!

A good example of what TMST can do when he doesn't make new animutations



Haha, that was very interesting. Haha, keep it up.

A funny flash movie. The first of 3 parts!

A lot of funny skits in a row. try to read the random ads!

Its funtastic!

Woot the cars license plate says "Mullet" in l337 speak, I notice stuff.



dude fucking hillarious any1 who doesnt think this is awesome is a fag.........