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Virtual Keyboard V 1.1

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If this game doesn't work, trying clearing your temp internet files!
Update...again: It's come to my attention that the game hasn't been working for many people. It isn't the game's fault, since i've checked and rechecked and it works for me. Something must have happened while the file uploaded. Earlier on when I updated the game, only the description changed, but not the game itself, which would account for people wondering where the new lessons are. Now that the game is updated all should be well (hopefully).
Update: I just added two new songs with lessons to the game, hope you all enjoy it!

Hello all. I've been pretty stumped about what flashes I should make, so I decided to make a game which involves what I love...the piano. This Virtual Keyboard includes 4 different instruments, with a demo and a lesson.

Here's a quick overview of the game. You can use the mouse and keyboard to play. The keyboard keys correspond to the keys on the piano (click on the keyboard in the upper left of the screen to see the keys). The demo is pretty straight forward, just click on it and it'll play. The lesson requires you to press whatever key is highlighted, so if someone would like to learn the demo they can pace themselves and learn it slowly.

This isn't supposed to be anything great, but I looked at other keyboards, and I thought I could do better, so here it is! Be sure to visit my website to download this and all of my other games. Hope you enjoy!

Edit: Fixed the bug with the lesson. Should work now.

Edit...again: Wow, daily first place. Thanks a lot everyone! I'll try to add another demo and lesson soon, so check back for another update in a bit.

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hey nice game but add midi option ok?

-no possibility to sustain notes
-Demos have atrocious timing and are only one note at a time

Its ol, i got bored pretty quick

"If this game doesn't work, trying clearing your temp internet files!"

Have you done that?

The rhythm of your demos is off. And why do they only have one note playing at a time?

Not very impressive.