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Reviews for "Virtual Keyboard V 1.1"

found a glitch

go to any song hit lesson and hit stop then hold any button down for 10-20 seconds and the lesson/song will play

fleur delise bay

i played it :D

It's alright.

It's better than most of them, but it needs more keys, and more space.....
but I did play "Bad Romance", "Poker Face", "Paparazzi", "Love Game", "Monster", "Just Dance", "BoysBoysBoys", "I Like It Rough", "No Way", "Second Time Around", "Startruck", "Vanity", "Rock Show", "The Fame", and that's about it. It was hard for me because there aren't enough notes, or space, but overall it's better than others.

part of up on the housetop


not that great but hey, i made it myself!


To play In The Hall of the Mountain King, play FGABCACBGBAFA and to play heat and soul, play CE+GAC+EF+ACGB+D, going down