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Reviews for "Virtual Keyboard V 1.1"


great learner series i'd like 2 c more game songs put on these great work

i tried to record the musical notes...

but i sucked at it <('.')> and text kirby says cool

OMFG this was cool..

i love this game...i suck at the piano in real life..so this game doesnt make me feel so bad...lol

dis eeez da shit

i fukeen luv thees movie it eez cool rite on 4 da maker

It's awesome!

... if you're not a musician. The thing is that you have no timing at all when you strike the keys in the demos. Also, why didn't you just record on the line-out? You can hear the digitalpiano strike on the keys. That's why I gave it a low score for sound. Fix these things and come back! Then I'll give you a better review.