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Flatout Minigame

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**OGM, Frontpage... I never thought it would get frontpage =D**
*whooooo, daily first...thank you guys!*

Made this minigame for a game named "Flatout"
Hope you love it!
Sorry for the highscores not working... NG has this stupid anti PHP thing =(

Have fun!

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I admit that I didn't like this as much as most people. The graphics look quite dated. What I didn't understand was how it seemed like I couldn't even lose in this. I went ahead and I seemed to advance no matter what I did. Why is the submitting score part disabled? I guess there was a fairly nice use of colors. You just needed to have more things like shading effects.

It was kind of funny when he yelled. Maybe that shows how little I care for this guy. Oh wait, I just found out why the score isn't working. It's a pity a Daily Feature would be forgotten like this. I guess it was pretty unique, but needs more appealing things in my opinion.

Ha! i love it

Very fun game. Need to make another! add more events, and maybe more skins and the next one will be awesome.

I thought it was cool.

My highscore on it was 510. Is that a good score against other high scorers?


not the best, but i liked the different challenges.

Good, but not great.

This wouldn't get into my top books really, it was way too short and too simple. Your sound left alot to be desired and the drawings weren't that bad. Try making a newer longer game, and yes i looked at your website version, the only new thing was "high score board"