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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

funny shit

Good work. I couldnt stop laughing on the 3rd event when he screams and you just hold the space bar and he goes flying off the screen. Funny shit man. Make more events or something. Good idea. you should like fly him into a t-rex lol!

eh, pretty lame

not too good. funny for one go, but after, mleh

hahahah cool

nice cncept........u just should ad more levels and u should be able to redo that same level and not do the whole thing over. but good job any way.


FUCK YES, Resond to this to see my boobs (i'm a man)


i always wanted to fly outta a car...thanks

the music gota bit annoying..but i cant wait to see more games like this from you....

damn..446pts :(