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Reviews for "Flatout Minigame"

so much fuckin fun

dude this game is so fuckin fun i think i'll play it for the rest of the day lol

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Don't sue me if you brake your keyboard =P


gooooooooooooooooooood, i got red!

Norwegian-Blue responds:


well, looks like you liked it =)

HAHAAHA keep these games coming!

Hahaha kewl game!1 HAHA its very funny and the ideia is very original.
Its like a game of a little guy trying to knock out a cow...
but this one is more fun n more cool.


Norwegian-Blue responds:

The guy who made the art for this game(axl) also made the art for the cow tipping game...

He is a genius!

good but...

it could have used a bit more detail

Norwegian-Blue responds:

true, the BG was a bit rushed at points...

good, but not great

it was okay, it only had three lvls that was kind of boring, would have been great if it was a little more graphic *cough* blood *cough*

Norwegian-Blue responds:

Yes, I know...Blood would have been better... But since this game is also on "kid" pages I took the blood out...