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Kill everything in this evil hybrid child of Smash TV and Gauntlet. Lots or weapons and monsters and randomly generated levels that will never be the same twice.

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Really f*cking good top-down shooter with dungeon crawler and RPG elements for being so old, surprised I've only just discovered it now. Why do people hate this one?

It never had a chance

While I can appreciate paying homage to old game, this game is not fun. It play more like a clunky version of gauntlet with guns. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what it is. Gauntlet with guns I'm not really sure what this has to do with SMASH TV, but it does not. I


This game is horrible. it's repeatitive. changing weapons? not fun either. I know you can turn the sound effects off and everything. but it was F*CKING ANNOYING! the music is okay. and theres nothing else really to cover. 1/10 1/5.

lame game

I can't believe you put Gauntlet as what this is like. It is nothing like gauntlet, it is a shooter. The fact that the levels are randomly generated eliminate a curve attribute, and any storyline. The concept behind this game is too simple, and as are the mechanics. so without a storyline or interesting game play what is left to give the game interest?

Review: Doomed

Concept:Remember Gauntlet? It's like that, but without the stuff you liked
The Good: Good Graphics
The Bad: The controls are loose, the levels are boring, the gameplay is monotonous, the music is annoying, the sound effects are grating, no replayability
Overall: This game had potential. It wasted it.