Reviews for "Doomed"

This game is fucking awesome!

It's challenging... and I love a challenging game. It's so hard that i can't get pass the third level... i guess that's waht you get when you try to beat the game only using your pistol thing... this game is awesome! all my 5 are belong to this yes... yess.....


this game is challenging!i like how the monsters are doomlike,the camera smash t.v ish, and the movement,...well, like all overhead shooters. great game.

I love it! Better & easier than Smash T.V.

It's worth every second of play, knowing that the similarities of 'Doomed' and 'Smash T.V.' are pretty much the same except that in this game, you don't have to worry about a big boss like Mutoid Man like in Smash T.V. where you know that you're going to die for sure. When I first saw this, I was like "What's this? A fan-made game with the similarities of Smash T.V.? I better try this out before giving my final view."

I loved every minute of it and I hope you make a sequel to this awesome game which will surely make the game a little improved with the names of the monsters.

If this game was an Arcade game, this game would've been a big hit in the video game industry.

It's totally worth my 5/5 for this game. :)

I also like my games easy but with a challenge sometimes.

Kepp up the good work and you'll know that the people who play your games will be pleased and will spend hours on your games as well.

Smash Gauntlet

The same engine and room look as Smash TV and the same monsters and sound-alikes from and requiring-to-kill-everything-to-get-t o-safety-ro-get-out-of-the-level
Like gameplay from The Gauntlet, take 'em together and you get this. I am a big Smash TV fan, I sued to play that so much and The Gauntlet even though I didn't like it that much it's loooonnnggg lenth made it worthwhile. It's sorta addictive when you get around to the third level, I liked playing this game cause of it's great ideas and statistics. I also liked the design not the graphics design (even though the graphics are whicked for a Flash game) I liked how you could upgrade your weapons everytime you beat a room as well as purchse other things...ect.... Oh I didn't even talk about the rooms, yeah none of them are the same, and expect to kill alot of those "homes" to prevent the enimies from coming out like in The Gauntlet. The things I disliked was the fact that there are no unlockable weapons (you get all 5 at the start of the game) and the fact that it's sorta slow and Smash TV was fast as hell. Well I feel it leans towards The Gauntlet more than SmashTV, I think fans of the classic "Quarter gobler" will really enjoy this despite it's flaws.



well, it was good! if you got boring play this. good time killer :P