Reviews for "Doomed"


Good Game thought it would be boring
5 stars.


Not the best Iv'e ever seen, but not too shabby.


I usually don't say stuff like this... but this game sucked hard

the only reason it was so terrible was the involuntary movement glitch combined with the floor tiles that damaged you, fix that and I might give it a better rewiev, not that my opinion should matter

Needs an autofire gun

Even if a really weak gun that does little damage and has really cheap ammo was added for the sake of having a gun that was automatic in it, it would be a hundred times better. I got sick of clicking and clicking after a while, but would have loved to keep playing if at least one of the weapons was auto.

Personally I felt more of a bastard child of Gauntlet and Zelda moreso than Smash TV, but that was because of the room puzzles.

boring after a while

more guns,more levels,more action!