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Kingdom Wars

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-Edit- This is my first submission that made it past judgement on newgrounds. This animation is what got it all started for me. The quality isn't great but everyone has to start somewhere. I was just a young teen at the time obsessed with the idea of animating sprites. Enjoy.

yeah i decided to make a sprite movie so plz give me sum feedback for the next one and ill probably improve this one later putting in buttons and such.. enjoy the movie!!

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a blast from the past is always nice.


u have the greatest talent eva. Plus i don't get wut dat faggot who gave u a 0 meant lol he sucks. but u know, i can send u $1000 just for a reward for letting me see this awesomeness. U R AWESUMN!

hrechkaness responds:

Every movie will have its haters so its best not to take it to heart ;) Glad you liked the movie and U R AWESUMN TOO!


very eloborated...i loved that little slow mo back flip luigi did, very nice..but watch out for using wite words on white buildings


very supanciful if i spelled that right it made me think will they make it it reminds me of the lord of the rings those 1 of the battle on the 2 movie but very good hope the second part is good to


as a starting artist that was very good. I am impressed i didn't know what to expect but very nice job. Its a little LOTR style but so what makes the movies more interesting. JESUS CHRIST WTF GUILTY_GEAR. How many fucking reviews have you done for hrechkaness's genious work? God damn hes a complete computer nerd who needs to get a fucking life. To quote a great mind "do us all a favour go walk in traffic nerd." Couldn't say it any better myself.