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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars"

Bit of a steal!

This has stolen ideas from Rise Of The Mushroom Kingdom and LOTR...okay though. Enhanced graphics would be good!

hrechkaness responds:

haha thx for noticing the lotr type of movie i was actually basing it on it for this one

Pretty Cool

The best part of this movie was the music, simple as that. I thought the dialogue could have been better, as in, you should have made it more dramatic and noble instead of relying on common terms.

Pixelation was a problem. Like another review said, don't get so close.

Those are my only complaints. Cool movie.

4/5 or 8/10

hrechkaness responds:

alright ill try and keep that in mind for my next sprite movie thx for the feedback. that will really help me out as a new animator

great work

that was a very well made sprite movie you have yourself there.
the sprites were very good, as there were a good viriety of them, in both characters, items and background scenery.
But one big suggestion; dont zoom in so much on the sprites, because they are heavily pixelated. try to have the screen a bit further away from the actual characters, it will make them look a lot better.
the animation was quite good, as Luigi did a lot of cool movement that you wouldnt normally see in a sprite movie of this kind.
The sound in the movie was great - as there were heaps of great sound effects to go with the movie, and the music selection was damn awesome. a very good variety of tracks to go with the movie.
so overall, a really good sprite movie thus far. there was good graphics and animation, with great sound effects and music. i cant wait for the next episode. well done dude.
overall score: 6.5/10

hrechkaness responds:

thx man u told me what i needed to hear about what i done right and thx for the feedback about zooming in so much i had a tendancy to do that before and thats what might have kept me from making better sprite movies i will certainly use it for my next one thx! the next one will explain more of the story of what happened


dude, i really think that you have potential. Just find some style or plot that comes to you and no one else has thought of yet, and you could easily have 2 if not 3, no.1's.

hrechkaness responds:

thx ill remember that for my future sprite movies but until then im just gonna work on this series thx for the feedback

I have no problem

With you making a war with sprites, originality usually doesn't effect my vote too much, so long as it's able to keep me amused. This wasn't too bad, I'll give you 3 kudos because I liked it... but uh, when mario was showing up I saw a big L on his hat... best to try and fix that in your second episode :-p

hrechkaness responds:

thx for telling me that!!lol i seriously didn't notice that ill actually fix that right away haha once again thx for the feedback