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Reviews for "Kingdom Wars"


Welllllllll this was fricken awesum man!!!!!! im looking forward to the next one! great work:)


This was really good, I thought that it would be more of an anime kinda lookin thing, but I am glad you went with the old school characters.
Great music and this also kinda reminded me of Army of Darkness (dont ask me why).
Hope you make an updated version with a lot more stuff

hrechkaness responds:

yeah ill make an update it would have been finished differently but im not used to the new macromedia program so im still trying to learn how to make buttons on it haha but yeah thx for the music comment i was careful for what kind i chose

I have to agree, Front Page stuff!

Seriously, That was Interspectatuar, and even that's an understandment to the greatness you got going on here.

hrechkaness responds:

thx im glad u liked it so much the next one should be just as good so be on the look out for it

Are you still master of your Domain



very eloborated...i loved that little slow mo back flip luigi did, very nice..but watch out for using wite words on white buildings