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Muay Thai V. 3.0

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Author Comments

- Now I will get back and make Muay Thai 2... It will take time... Just be patient ;)
- Play as Ryu code--> STREETFIGHTER
- Newgrounds won't let me edit the game after 5k viewers. I have to do this...
- For those of you who are bored of this game please don't play it :) just ignore it :)
- This one after you continue, you can hit enemy.. I just fixed it.

Ok.. if no more error, there won't be Muay Thai version 4.0 :p sorry.. for posting it again and again. If only newgrounds has a better system... T_T

- Press r when it's freezing.. it will resume game.

Ryu moves:
Almost the same as in Street Fighter alpha 2 and 3;
1) Hadoken = down(tap) + forward(tap) + punch
2) Spin Kick = down(tap) + backward(tap) + kick (hold kick for longer spin)
3) Shoryuken(dragon punch) = forward(tap) + down(tap)
Special moves:
1) Super hadoken(special level 1) = down(tap) + forward(tap) + down(tap) + forward(tap) + punch
2) Super Spin Kick(special level 1) = down(tap) + back(tap) + down(tap) + back(tap) + kick
3) Super Dragon Punch(special level 3) = down(tap) + forward(tap) + down(tap) + forward(tap) + kick

Enjoy :)

Note: For those of you who like my game and want to know how to make it. Go here...

http://flashgame-making.b logspot.com/2011/08/muay-
thai-flash-game-making.ht ml

I am putting up my blog there.

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came here to feel my nostalgia,the tracks are awesome,heard it first time in this game,know all of them.Thanks for making this.

Probably one of the best games on newgrounds very fun and i spend so much time on it even after all these years it's still fantastic :)

This game is epic! I may be a little rusty at video games, but it won't stop me! Plus I notice you put Berserk music along with Street Fighter Alpha 2 sfx and voices! Good job!

This game has some issues, but they are excusable, because of the style and how well made this game is, it has combos, actual and mainly functionable combos! Yeah! Different than other flash fighting games, this one you can and will need to pay attention at what your enemy is doing and especially when to attack block and ect, and also, the enemies will not spam shit at you like other games.

I like the animation, even tho its not perfect and sometimes it looks ugly, but it fits very well with the corcky desing of everything,and its more than enough to pretdict your enemies moves and see what they are doing. And the music is enjoyable, i like the track from Berserk, it fits the game like a glove.

I really love the secrets and specially the difficulty screen, some games are either too easy or too hard, this game has it all, for those who want to test their skills or people who wants to spam hadokens on everyone (me).

The story mode will need you to pay attention at your enemies, and the final boss is actually challenging , and everything you learned with the other bosses and stuff are not ignored. And the survival mode is really a bigger challenge that will test everything you got.

This game has some flaws here in there, like blocking and dodging is op, but they are minor compared to how well made everything is, the fighting system, combos that work, fair but hard bosses, its impressive for a flash game to be this polish!

Great job! To see this game get better with every version, this right here is defeanllly one of the bests fighting games, not only in Newgrounds, but for all the other flash games out here. GREAT JOB