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Reviews for "Muay Thai V. 3.0"

half the buttons don't even work.

what the hell is this?

Good game

Man, this brings back memories. I still like this game. Too bad you can't edit it anymore. I would like to play this as Chun Li and Guy. I give it a 7 because of the short levels. Even so, I think they should release something like this for the Xbox Live Arcade or something. I would like to play this in a console.

By the way, you have to have the code in CAPS in order to play as Ryu. And to perform moves and special moves, you have to press the arrow buttons one at a time.

Impossible game *if there are 666 levels*

ahahaha akuma is 666 stage but campaign is 1-4 so what stages is 5-665 ?

so damn glitchy

so much goddamn glitches man.


For future reference guys, all the music in this game is from a animated series called "Berserk". A medieval soldier born and raised to fight against demons and so forth.

Berserk: Animated series

And btw, i couldnt so any of the special moves, so you get a 5 from me.