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Reviews for "Muay Thai V. 3.0"

hehehe . . .

very wierd. Ur character looks gay


The one thing that stood out in this game that hasn't in others has been the speed factor. This game is quite fast compared to other flash games. The graphics are quite good too, as well as the sound effects, but the latter was from one of the Street Fighters. Only downside was the lack of a jump button, but it was good without it. Well done on making an addictive game!


nice man i love this i can't wait for the next one oh and everyone searching for codes it's GOUKENSLAYER and STREETFIGHTER

Great work

Great use of the Berserk soundtrack, as well as controls. Cool characters, and ryu cameo. I hope you make more stuff like this.


This is definetly one of THE best fighting games on newgrounds!!
the combos were easy and cool, good variety of moves, not too easy not too hard, the only thing i should say to improve was Ryu since you couldn't really do too much with him so he kinda sucked
All in all though Very good job! next version make with more characters