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Reviews for "Muay Thai V. 3.0"

love it!

hey were did u get the music? and i love how sagat get his i patch now great


There are two glitches in the game!
1. The glitch destriex said
2. You cant play ryu and fight ryu


Amazing game, really addictive. I love the fighting moves.


good game, found a glitch clled lv.999,no joke,it says cakuma,the u battle one minion{normal enemy}and kill him,the a feet light comes in moving{things under feet,no person above}and its unbeatable

hEy great game

I played this when iwas 11 now im 17, jeeze i love this game still and I remember this song!!!! I can't believe i don't know it still, can you please give me the name? I tried and tried but can't find S.E Asia baby!!