nightShift: a true story

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My dad has worked with many crazy, strange and funny people in his long farming career. One of them was an old guy named Jack... Old Jack was one of those guys who never retired, but worked right up until the day he died. He told stories every day, and one day he related to my father what had once happened to him when he was plowing on the night shift. He died many years ago now, but this little movie will ensure that one of his most regrettable moments will live forever.



Im sorry but you could be do it much better. You made a nice work before and this one, I dont really apreciate it

But I dont give up :) Your news are really cool

See ya


Well, I like the style, but I was expecting somewhat of a serious flash. This is in the Serious section after all and a farmer that gets shit on his face isn't really serious.

Not too great

I dont know the graphics and sound are good but the movie is bad. i mean it's not that funny considering that im sure many people have done that.

Pretty bad to be honest

Slow paced, un-needed animation with little narrative content. It consisted of 'Equalibirum -> Disruption' with the disruption lasting about a second and the dull equalibrium making up about 95% of the cartoon. Some of your other works are remarkable but this is poor indeed. I hope the guy finds it funny himself though.


The sound cuts out at the begining - I'm gussing there should be sound through the whole movie. I tried twice and ti cuts in the same place.

Anyway yeah ... animation was good, but I didn't find it funny at all, and I have quite an immature sense of humour.

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4.45 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2004
5:56 AM EST