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Reviews for "nightShift: a true story"

I laughed out loud, for real.

hmmm not one of the best ones Chluaid has made but kinda funny -_-


that... was kinda... awkward...
still, it takes guts to not only tell people that you did that, but also to put it on the web for thousands to see.
THAT. Earns you my respect.


lol!! t'was hilarious ^^D
and i thought it would be something like scary of something horror....
...still its BLOODY BRILLIANT ^^P


While this isn't one of your better ones, it's still pretty noteworthy. What makes it good is how well you set up the final punchline. You really have no idea at all what is going to happen in this. I find it hilarious that this was included on the "Drama" genre where it seems like a cartoon about people getting poop on their necks would be more comedy. Of course, it did seem fairly dramatic at first. I'm amazed this didn't win any award!

It's always cool to create works based on real things that happened to people you know. It just goes to show what a crazy world we live in. The animation was good in this one. I find it funny how it takes the guy a couple of seconds to realize that there is poop on his neck. I think I've only pooped in the woods once in my life.