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nightShift: a true story

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My dad has worked with many crazy, strange and funny people in his long farming career. One of them was an old guy named Jack... Old Jack was one of those guys who never retired, but worked right up until the day he died. He told stories every day, and one day he related to my father what had once happened to him when he was plowing on the night shift. He died many years ago now, but this little movie will ensure that one of his most regrettable moments will live forever.

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Wow. Amazing.

story well told and worth telling! Sorry it happened... but its as funny as it is.

hey i use to watch youranimations back in 2004-2008 maybe, decided to come and relook at all your old and new work. I like how this story is true and comes from close to your heart, i think its incredibly cool how we all get to share a memory of a real human being who lived like us. not everyone gets a chance to be immortalized on newgrounds. I am not sure how the community works these days, but i see you as one of the greatest animators on newgrounds.

LMAO! Poor Jack.

ahhhhhhhhhh, the ending gave me anxiety lol.