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Reviews for "nightShift: a true story"

Funny as hell .

Good animation.

Shit heppens

Even don't know what i can say, but about animation - great, about story - yes thats probably 100% true, cause it's dark and he don't see anything...

To:katyrk whose poste downer

Yes people who thinks about future always have a roll of toilet paper in the vehicle.In my car i have one too cause some times we traveling somewhere.
So thats part is true.


funny and good animation

oh shit...OMG hahahahah!!!!

this is crazily ridiculously funny........awesome work......:D
thumbs up.....
which font is this.....its like perfect for da thing....(at least the beginning)...:P
hey anybody notice the fact that the guy kept a roll of toilet paper in the vehicle.......
was that part true too???

And all of a sudden...

Oh my god,I didn't see that coming AT ALLL
That was so funny