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Kerri's Big Invention

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The Third installment off my “Ark and Kerrigan” series. Come to think of it, this is the first proper sequel I’ve ever done!

Kerrigan’s been down in the basement for days, working those brain muscles coming up with brilliant and innovative inventions to make her famous. Meanwhile, Ark has his own cylinder shaped problems to deal with. Introduces two new supporting characters that will develop more in future episodes.

Once again, this cartoon features characters from my original, serious story. So that’s why they’re funny colors :) As a side note, this is the last cartoon I’ll be going solo on for awhile, meaning I'll be doing some joint projects. This means more LegendaryFrog in 2004!

*Flash Movie #11*

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Pretty amazing soundtrack used on this voice acting was great as well pretty funny material as well I think it was well written and the animation was pretty good for its time too


So this was some really nice work and its always a pleasure to review some of your work as you always make some of the great stuff these characters are really good and the voices are really top notch stuff here great use of color aswell, no changes needed on this classic, so nice job

No changes on this film


This was a very cute cartoon. I have forgotten the other Ark things you've worked on. I was surprised at the ending. It showed Hamtaro being eaten alive! It doesn't fit the tone of the rest of the cartoon. Oh, what do I care?

You have to keep the jokes up for a long flash cartoon and you certainly did! Maybe these characters should have their own sections too. Now, I think of Derpy when talking about muffins. The colors were great. Oh, I'd forgotten Banana Man.

Last watched this about 10 years ago with my friends around my house on my huge CRT monitor. Its originality still holds strong. Dunkey's video reminded me about it and I just had to find it again. Great feeling of nostalgia here.

This is just as good as it was when it was first made..... Ah, the nostalgia, what ever happened to this series?