Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

= D



lawl was that soul calibur?? xD

>_< Ark!

It would be a pleasure to kill him if he could exist!


ark was thinkin exatly wat i was

Point at something!

If you realy think about it, how do you know that Pikmin aren't realy evil savage little beasts? And when Olimar helps to build up thier population, he isn't help to prevent the poor little pikmins' extintion he is actualy dooming all of the poor strawberry looking monsters to extintion? Think about it for a minute. The pikmin follow a distinct patern. Go out into the wilderness, kill something, bring the kill back then eat it. This is a predatory patern! Now I've given this way to much thought haven't I?

Awsome Flash! Long live the Frog!