Reviews for "Kerri's Big Invention"

My friends and I use to watch this on the school computers. Everyone loved it. So happy I found it again.

LOL, I remember everything about this flash except for the Hamtaro/Pikmin thing in the beginning. XD So messed up, but funny anyway. ^^; Hmm, Hamtaro, or Pikmin. :? I choose Pikmin. XD But I still find of bad for Hamtaro. ^^;

Anyways, um... I don't know what to say other than I love this a lot. XD

Well... it's cool that there's two things in some flashes that change randomly each time you watch it, this one being the Final Fantasy X cutscene. XD I like the Auron one more than the Seymour one. :p

Also, the dream machine with the epic Soul Calibur fight and Peanut Butter Jelly Time reference. ^^; It's really weird when Family Guy brought it up out of nowhere for no reason when it was such an old internet fad. :? I guess it might have helped people get back into again though, so yay, I guess. XD That thing never made any freaking sense. :p I don't know why I like it anyway myself. XD

Oh, finally, I always liked that cute Science Girl song and felt like I heard it somewhere but I never could guess where and never bothered to look it up for some reason... I'm wondering if I'm just imagining things or not. :?

So like, Kerrigan is really cute and Ark is funny, not sure about the other two though. XD

I used to watch these when i was 7 with my sister. Ahh the childhood memories of NewGrounds

What a grand invention it turned out to be! :D Wasn't expecting much more than a grand finale of failure, and potentially a path out of that finger trap (wonder if those really are that difficult hmm, need to try one). It never gets dull! Animation's simple, but it works well with the plot. Keep it going!


Do you still make movies with Kerrigan?