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A fanimutation on current californian events and explosians,lots of explosians. OUT OF CREME!

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Well this one was a random one but thats what I like the rndom factor on this was pretty nice a nice style of animation and randome visuals here made for a good little chuckle on this one and makes this one of the more funniw films from back in the day.

No changes here


It's always nice to be topical. Wait, doesn't that date this? Anyway, this was still enjoyable. Hey, that's Applejack! Everyone looks funnier in hindsight with bronies. I forgot about Colin Mochrie.

It's so nice everyone was so creative here. This is a pretty weird song for something in English. Nice to mock George W. Bush. Well, that's dated too. Donald Trump is arguably worse.


The world needs you!!!! make more animutations ftw

The governator rocks out

Not very good. It doesn't have the problems that some of your movies did, but it still has a lot of problems. In animutations, there should always be more than one thing on the screen, not just Arnold singing. There wasn't enough stuff moving. The erasing on some of the images was bad, and the music sounded like it was a really low-quality mp3. But it still had some entertainment value.

Oh yeah, and you used that gif of Bush in a tutu too much. Political stuff has been used entirely too much in animutations, and most people probably won't even remember who Bush was in ten years.


okayyy? that was really strange.... especially the pre-loader with the fat lady wrapped in... of what looked like plastic food wrap. that was just real odd.

Joxa responds:

she loved it.

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4.02 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2003
7:31 PM EDT
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