Reviews for "I'll Be Back"


Sure,i voted,and i had a hell lot of fun too!This was awsome!Keep up teh goood work!


Very Bloody Random

You have the randomness of the arfenhouse series! If you could match their style, these would be the funniest movies on Newgrounds. Keep it up!

Joxa responds:

Just you wait for my next movie!!!

that was crazy!

hahahah that was soooooooooooo bloody random!! hilarious

Joxa responds:

oh yeh and my grandmother loves peas.


THAT WAS SO FUNNY! AH-NOLD AHH! Haha good job. I could have only imagine this would be what I got by clicking your sig :P Great movie, 5 4 U!

Joxa responds:

thankyou very much:)


you should be king of the portal joxa!!...that shit was better than a 180 degree kickflip mcflurry@!!keep it the good work..i'll be back...

Joxa responds: