Reviews for "I'll Be Back"


joxa you kick ass.
i cant wait for the kwik flip show crimbo special.

Joxa responds:

Cheers fella,chrimbo special shud be released in december sometime(i hope)


Dude, that movie was so so so weird dude.
But it was so fucking funny ! I laughed out loud ! It is so weird hahaha ! I was laughing my ass off, sincerely. Dude I love you... hahaha.
Keep up teh Joxa.inc.


Joxa responds:

thanks alex:)


Hey Joxa, that was pretty funny :) Well done.

Since I kinda know you on the BBS- could you answer a question for me? Why did you put a pic of Colin Mockery in that animation (the bald guy with the reddish shirt).

I see him everywhere in these types of flash animation and I have no idea why!

Joxa responds:

I dont know i think its just a tradition thing. Tar fer tha reveiw

Nice one!

That song is rad, I've got it on vinyl somewhere. Good job, nice to see Doc from Back to the future!

Joxa responds:

Vinyal? AWESOME! thanks for the positive reveiw:)


That was fucked up, and whats with the picture of Collin Mochery. Very funny. All bow to the Governater!

Joxa responds:

HE'LL BE BACk......In a new sitcom hoho