God Digs my Daddy

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A glimpse into the dark side of The Bible. A story they don't talk about
in Sunday school.
The tale of a warrior that had a nobleman for a father and a hooker for a mother.
He was the leader of an army that killed in the name of God.
One day he made a detestable vow to god and he kept his end of the deal.
The Bible is full of stories about mass murder, human sacrifice, rape, torture, incest and other "family values."
Many beloved Bible characters are horrible, obscene, unrestrained ass monkeys.

BTW if your cursor catches on fire keep it away from wood.

God Digs My Daddy
Mixed media
Music video
By Ranxx
Music by The Residents
2.3 mb
runtime 3:20
400 x 400 pixels
12 fps


Blam this piece of shit!

Nothing to do here, I'm outta here! -flies- -poops in the owner's face in the air-

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If you have read the book of Judges (which you most probably didn't) the girls father's deal was that he would give whatever was the first thing to walk out of his house as a burnt offering.
(Oh, and by the way, they didn't burn offerings on crosses, they didn't even use the cross until the pharisees came in.)


difficult style. people expect style more than content-- the internets are only here to amuse me. good thing the topic wasn't controversial as well! the residents scare me. where do they get those eyeballs. you do great stuff, keep doing great stuff.


I'm Agnostic and this still sucks. Is this done using coral draw or something? Maybe you should have subcontracted the work to someone else. It was really more of flat pictures moved in one large piece than an animation. Defame God all you like, but do a better job next time.

The more you repeat it , the more you will believe

You keep repeating things over and over again. But does that make it any true?

No it doesn't.

I have seen more people in my lifetime who have seen angels , demons , and Ghosts.
Infact , I know more people who seen ghosts , than people who work in tv ads.
So , since you are sane enough to discredit everyone's experience with the supernatural , I will continue to disbelieve that people work in tv ads.

Like I said , keep repeating it , and you will start to believe yourself.
Also , people who do that ,tend to have mental illnesses.

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Aug 7, 2003
2:54 PM EDT
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