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Blot goes to Hell!

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the blot shop is now open and running!
at - www.cafepress.com/blot

It's finished!!! myself nbh_graphics and The Rift hooked up and spent alot of time to give you all a worth while game to play. it took us ages but were happy with it. the controls are:

arrows= move
a = shoot
s = jump

the story is that blot goes to hell for being a sinner. He hates it there!!! he tried to get out but the great skull king knew what he was doing! he sent hordes of retarded zombies after you! get out of hell before your captured!

theres a few items in the game and secret ways of getting them. so have a look. they will be easy to find if your a old skool gamer, cos we cant keep away all the old skool tricks. also tell us about any bugs so we can sqaush em!!!

tell us what you think. we like reviews =)

Animator + Writer
nbh / Haris Uzeirbegovic

The Rift (the one and only)

all rights reserved 2004

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Man, I played this game YEARS ago on the old addicting games before the redesign. Thanks for this little bit of nostalgia! :D

the graphics were ok but the boss is beatable, when the boss swoops upward run under him. SO EASY!

Okay everyone calm down, the game isn't THAT bad, nor is it really bad at all, yes its challenging, and yes there is a way to win. i've beat it. the ending says and i quote "congratulations!!!!! you got blot outta hell, your score was: etc"
now yes it is hard in away, like how in dr jekyll and mr hyde the bombs are almost unavoidable, but they can be avoided. the skull boss was tough but you just need to grab the rapid fire alot, and avoid using it until you get to the skull boss. the quickly doodled concept of hell was alright, the music was great, even tough i know the designer didn't make it. other then that i've seen ALOT worse games that "is a waste of space" that need to be deleted more than this one.


no way to win no matter what

Get rid of this waste of space

There's no way to avoid dying in the game and losing. Apparently, the games designer made it where you cannot win no matter what and you are supposed to die.

0/10. Go play something else that is more fun.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2003
2:31 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 25, 2003

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