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Reviews for "Blot goes to Hell!"


Graphics suck, die to fast, i havnt a clue how to kill the grim reaper, and the bombs are gay

not very good

this game was rushed and very bland and boring control's were very bad and the enemy's were badly designed next time take time to work on your games

Blot goes to Hell!

Blot. Welcome to hell. your mission take a gun shoot frankenstein zombie things and make it out. can you do it. no? why not? you die to fast? OH OKAY. so yeah Blot went to hell. and now hes trying to escape. sadly the game is pure crap. animation and artwork is crapply made. monsters? all the same except for bosses. and thats it. thats all Blot has going for it. 2/10 1/5.

Its A Good Time Killer

but nothing really to special and you died an awful lot

go to the hell

you make me dead in the hell too many time.
what about come with me than