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Reviews for "Blot goes to Hell!"


after i died i was walking on air

It was ok

Fun, but the sounds effects were pretty bad.

it was fun

i t was fun but i think it would be better if up was the jump button instead of a


It's okay not anything special.....

I liked this, very short but intense

This recieves my 4 for: getting my blood-pressure raised slightly!

Well, all the thrill of breaking out of hell in the time it takes for lunch-break to finish!

It was very short, but it was definitely on the intense side of things. I had to really concentrate on what I was doing to avoid death, and it took me a while to work out how to beat the boss (around 4 tries.) Point being, it was short, sharp and kept me interested.

I can't really say much else about this game. The storyline was basic, the action your standard sidescrolling fun, made all the more intense by the one-hit-point-wonder character. (good idea, health slows things down somewhat in these games.) Overall, its an incredibly simple concept but it worked like a charm. Well done.

To my fellow gamer:

During the level:

Stay away from the borders. If one of the scenes that stops the camera from scrolling forces you close to the edge of the screen, double back until you can see properly. You'll need it to see enemies coming.

Preserve your lives at all costs. I know it sounds obvious but the boss is hard so self-preservation has to come at the top of your agenda.

Grabbing the ammo drops is worth it for the auto-fire. It'll keep you safe for a few screens as you can just hold A and let the game do the work... don't rely on it too much though, and whatever you do, don't get caught out when the auto stops, otherwise you'll be hoist by your own petard.

Watch out when the screen stops scrolling the 1st and 2nd time. Bomb incoming. Get out of the way of the radius before it lands. (radius is around a third of the screen, a sixth in both directions) Jump as well for good measure.

When the screen stops a third time, something bad is coming...

The boss:

Here's the mantra to remember: duck, dash, jump-shoot, repeat.

When the boss starts to float from one side to another, note that he floats UP AND DOWN SLIGHTLY. Believe it or not, you can JUST SQUEEZE UNDERNEATH HIS ROBES! without getting killed. Once over, dash to the far end of the screen, jumping if necessary to avoid a quickly thrown fireball (don't stop until you're basically at the screens edge or said fire will catch you. Then jump and fire until he starts to cross over, before running under again. Keep this up until the boss falls (It will take a while.)