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Julia-The Hot Flight Girl

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The real name is Julia- The Hot Flight Attendant but there wasnt enough room to write attendant.

This is a story me and my friend wrote during school. I thought it was good and decided to animate it. The only thing that was missing was a shocking twist at the end, so i made up my own.

In some scenes the people are human and some they are stick figures, depending on whichever i felt was right for the scene.

This is the first season of an explosive series with split-screen action. Enjoy!


Good start

Its not bad of a start, the voices sounded however like they didnt know what to say...also, the work of it could work, if you improve on it. Like I said its not that bad of a start, but could use some work.


i dont really know wat 2 rate it is kinda weird and y did the bad guys want to kill them????

Not all that great but I loved the Hot Blonde

She's the only reason I watched it >.<

great, but some problems

wtf who were the bad guys why did they want to kill them?????? (???????????????????????) Oh well, great movie


Thats some funny stuff, hope season 2 is as good, AND more deleted scenes :p

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2.84 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2003
10:57 AM EDT
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