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I am currently open to commissions for fractal art, see my gallery for examples. Will only accept payment once you're happy with finished product.

If you want something other than what is listed, you're going to have to try to be vague with themes and prompts as the chaotic nature of fractals can be hard to control.

Blooms: $30


Psychedelia, pop art, and cubism: $50


Space art: $75


Mathematical tiles: $50-100 (I'm still learning different techniques and formulas regarding this.)


You can also request to purchase exclusive (other than relinquishing my own rights) rights to use my art for commercial purposes (album/magazine covers etc), the price for this is based on the art, what it was made with, and how long it took to make it. 'Plains of Celestia' and 'Autumn' have been sold.


Hi! My name is Kirk Markarian and I compose electronic music albums (on Audiobulb Records and solo), as well as compose music and design SFX for video games. With 4 albums on Audiobulb, and several on my own Bandcamp, and 27 video games under my belt, I really enjoy working in this particular field of music composition. I've also composed for several films, animations, licensed music, etc. There are several pieces of music via the links below.

I create abstract electronic music - musique concrete / microsound / lowercase (animations/videos also by me).

I design all of my own sounds via various forms of synthesis or Foley recording, unless otherwise specified. I work quickly for my clients and spend the time to get to know their requirements as I compose their tracks. I stay ahead of schedule for rapid results and speedy turnover. I'm adept at balancing multiple projects.

Check out my reviews on LinkedIn!  



25 years composing and designing sound with synthesizers & computers

27 Video Games - Composition and/or Sound Design


kirkmarkarian.net@gmail.com or PM me.


Video Game Soundtracks -


Video Game Sound Design:

Marble it Up: Mayhem -  

Various other games (each track is a full set of SFX for the game) -  



Thanks for checking out my post and portfolio!