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This is a bit out of place, but so far we've found that the few people we work well with and have a broad range of skills (coding + music + animation + games) also started from Newgrounds. Figured we might as well post this here too.

This is an offer to join a company full-time with part ownership. We're looking for people who do everything from programming and finance to film, music, and games. The team so far is a handful of self-taught individuals with experience in all these fields. The premise of the company is that the revenue stream is fully automated by an AI running behind the scenes, leaving the humans free to create for the sake of creating. The goal is to see how far we can go, what we could do with this, not just how long we can survive (sorry, this is not an artist support/sponsorship program). The AI is already done and running for 7 years without human intervention. The hard part so far has been finding the humans to work on even more interesting projects.

If interested, please read more and reach out at https://www.autodidactic.ai/?join&ng