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Looking for others to work with!

Voice-acting: $2 each line

Animation: $7 per minute

Can also do unpaid work

Just send a pm if you're interested in hiring me.


This is a bit out of place, but so far we've found that the few people we work well with and have a broad range of skills (coding + music + animation + games) also started from Newgrounds. Figured we might as well post this here too.

This is an offer to join a company full-time with part ownership. We're looking for people who do everything from programming and finance to film, music, and games. The team so far is a handful of self-taught individuals with experience in all these fields. The premise of the company is that the revenue stream is fully automated by an AI running behind the scenes, leaving the humans free to create for the sake of creating. The goal is to see how far we can go, what we could do with this, not just how long we can survive (sorry, this is not an artist support/sponsorship program). The AI is already done and running for 7 years without human intervention. The hard part so far has been finding the humans to work on even more interesting projects.

If interested, please read more and apply directly at https://www.autodidactic.ai/?join&ng


Hello I want to make a custom badass series with Spongebob realistic characters... I currently have Mr.Krabs Patrick Star Spongebob and sandy plus three various anchovies I want to make a serious film fan film with more serious than funny... I need a screenplay writter to write a good story... for the film... Of course this is just for fun so no payment... I need voice actors... and if you help I'll make a 3d character of yor choice to add the the film... I'll show you guys the characters right now....


Patrick Star Rolled has been filed and Mr. Krabs Roll Has Been filed Remaining Characters Sandy Cheeks Patrick PewterSchmidt

And Meg Griffin Plankton Rick Sanchez and Morty From Rick and Morty

This is going to be a Cross over Event Short Film About 20 Minutes lone maybe 25 depending on the voiceovers and and fight scenes I'm doing the Animating

And 3d Sculpting and Rigging all you have to do is voice act

I just decided to write the screenplay myself so that roll has been filled

uust need actors/actresses to voice act.

so there is a preview of the characters I would like to have help with this fun project you can email me if interrested on here or my two emails tomascolt12@gmail.com or tomascolt14@yahoo.com.com


Good day to you people, today i am now willing to open for people to come and work out for my planned animation series that i have yet to reveal the name but i will name the project as PROJECT GREY SKY.


This project draws inspiration from JohnnyUtah's TANKMEN series but rather than being just a Mad Max-inspired series revolving around jokes relating to the genitals and being about tankmen (there's no pun, stop it), it's going to be more about conflict in the 2010s and jokes mostly parodying typical war media cliches and common elements, along with some black comedy but it won't just simply be just another edgy shock humor animation series. It's not really to be labelled as a "comedy" per-se, it's rather a mix of serious and jokes while it revolves around the air force out of all the branches of the military but some air-borne related forces from non-air force branches may be included (paratroopers, army helicopters) which will for now be in a less prominent role. It'll feature intense scenes while at the same time featuring scenes that make certain things just look like a walking punchline. Also, self-awareness and 4th wall breaks are going to be PLENTIFUL in this show so if you don't like their entire existence, then don't. Otherwise, you're allowed the criticise if we executed it poorly.


Contains some drawings of weapons that'll appear in the series, their names are meant to parody both the real trademark and how media tries to rename them to avoid trademark violation.


Some alternative universes based on Newgrounds' material exist on the right (games are: Friday Night Funkin', Madness Combat and Pico's School)



I have already been working on the pilot before I made this and it's still going on!


Well, almost everything. However, Sound Design, Music and Writing is optional but is encouraged to make things more spicy. And also no programmers are needed, cuz this is an animation series and what's the point of programming an "animation" if many animation softwares already allow you to save the animations in a common video format that you can play without hesitation???



Animators will have to make sure that they have experience in making cartoonish animation and that they are also willing to animate violent scenes and blood. Animations don't have to necessarily be realistic or super smooth, they can be pretty exaggerated for the cartoony aesthetic or try to exaggerate a realistic sense to make up for it's cartoonish appeal and they neither should be really choppy where the movement doesn't make them feel human nor cartoony humans. Also, good luck animating vehicles because many people may not be able to do that.


Artists will primarily exist to try and assist the others by providing background art and concept art so it's much more easy to work with. Artists would need to get used to the art style that is intended and if they otherwise want to improvise or improve, they should do in a way where it stays true to the spirit while making it look more better-looking to the eye in order to be approved by the director. (that's me)

Voice Actors/actresses

As far as our variety goes, there really isn't going to be too much of a usage of heavy accents. It'll feature Americans, Muslim-related ethnicities (mostly Arabs and other Asian countries with Islam as a majority, though non-Arab ethnicities will be in future episodes provided if the animation is successful to build a decently sized fan-following), Some generations of immigrants and that's really what i can think of.

Voice actors/actresses must be somewhat decent at replicating accents that are otherwise not directly from their home nation and we do not simply want the voice actor/actress to resemble closely to the character themselves. We don't care about your own politics and saying how this is wrong, it's voice acting for a fictional character and you should really stop bugging so much about it. Besides, this show is not meant to simply please a specific group of people and opts to stay as neutral as possible and that the characters introduced are as naturally aligned as possible. If you want to voice more than one character, you have to at least make them sound different so that people don't instantly think you are the same voice actor which can disrupt some immersion a bit.

Sound Design

This kinda really isn't necessary because there probably are just a bunch of libraries of stock sounds we can use. But if we don't want to overuse the same stock sounds, then maybe you can add a little elbow grease by giving us your own juicy sounds.


Music isn't really necessary for us, as we can pretty much just simply browse the audio portal and get the licensing rights to put them on the project. Or just use other copyright-free resources. Despite just being a passion project, we want to make sure that we are free of copyright so that way there isn't a chance of any DMCA takedown requests coming in. Not really too much of a limitation on what the music is to be, what genre, what instrument, just make it feel appropriate to the many given events. That's all, yea?


I, the director, already proclaim myself as the lead writer for the series. But I'm not perfect, so i'm open for someone to give me help and criticism to make the story and dialogue feel better. Maybe even a more experienced writer can make it even more better and become a mentor for me! An additional writer may also serve as a fill-in incase i feel lacking or not so great on writing on a specific department (i.e trying to establish a funny scene with a good punchline, trying to make my story have emotional impact) and serve as just the person that seals up the small holes after I've sealed the bigger ones.


This is really a part-time project rather than say a full-time project, so it'll be developed when i feel like i have free time. Small development chunks may occur in weekdays but it's not that special until weekends, public holidays or day-offs.


PM me on what position you'd like to take in and show me some examples of your own work so i can determine if you are fit or not.


I have a dream that i want this site to transform upon things that are considered apart of their own history and culture so that the charm we are known for keeps on going stronger and stronger. Help me achieve this goal by being kind enough to collaborate and we can create an interesting animation series for Newgrounders alike to enjoy and laugh at.


SENSITIVITY DISCLAIMER: This series will contain the following things: Extreme amounts of Violence, Blood and Gore, Strong amounts of Profanity, References to sexual topics and some satirical depictions of sensitive topics (black comedy). So don't watch them if you don't feel comfortable or if you're in a work environment, just saying.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: By submitting your works, you agree that the director reserves the right to copyright the things you submitted for your project however they please and that you may not DMCA anyone who uses the assets in compliance of our general copyright guidelines without our explicit permission if you are not given the right to copyright your own work.


Hello beautiful people! i'm Vlad Alekseya, i'm an artist, and i need help to make my fnf mod. I'll need animators, programmers and musicians, probably the most difficult part gonna be the animation(mostly because the last phase).


You are on a country called Garffins, you control Archep, a member from a gov's merc group called Kaireed task force, a group that solve problems with "unusual threats" to the government. You and your job mates has the mission to silence a guy called Vlad, he's the owner of an corporation called RedStar and he's making "big problems with people that he didn't was suppost mess with". You and your men raid the building, but before you kill Vlad, he wants a "little rap battle" without any reason.


I just want to be something that's not a "no clip" animation, doesn't need to be something with 150 fps, just make something that looks "not bad". If you are able to animate something less complex (and when i say complex, the last phase is really complex), you should try to animate the first and second phase, these two aren't a really big monster, so it's gonna take a while, but i can wait until you make it. Now, if you want to animate something difficult and complex, you should try to animate the third phase, it's just a big head, but probably is going to take some time to make everything.

*Mechanics and Pogramming*

My ideas to the mechanics are: in the middle of the first music (and in the whole second music), Vlad starts to use his (gravity powers) to throw things on the screen (blocking your vision), and he's going to use the same powers to control your keys(making you miss notes) sometimes. In the third phase, your scroll will float through the whole screen, making it harder to see the notes and Vlad is going to throw things on screen too. That's basically what the programmers gonna do in the mod and i really appreciate every programmer that wants to join this mod.


Well, i don't have money to pay people, so this gonna be a great collab mod, but if the mod gives any money, i'll pay for your help in the mod, remember, that's just when the mod get done. So if you want to show your job and collab with this mod, you are free to join and show your creative skills, and i'm not going to make pressure and other things, because, i know that people has lifes.

Basically, join for free, and just have some fun helping me to make this mod. Just like some Minecraft players helping a guy to make his house.

Here's some concepts for the third phase(the complex one to animate), the last song gonna be called like " Blitzkrieg Failure":https://img.ngfiles.com/collab/483000/iu_483319_8564429.webphttps://img.ngfiles.com/collab/483000/iu_483320_8564429.webphttps://img.ngfiles.com/collab/483000/iu_483321_8564429.webp

Discord nickname(Dm me for more details, if you wanna work on the mod or just want to help with one thing or two): Vladmir Alekseya#5357

Hey, I am a person that does music, programming and (retro - chip-tune) sfx things! I am looking to collaborate with anyone that needs music or sfx for games, or animations (only thing excluded is A rated content) I will even do FNF songs and i can chart them too if that's needed for you! Just hit me up here on NG, or you can on twitter: @twistedferris

I do not charge any money on any project! I'm just doing it for the fun!

Thanks for reading!


First to say what I’m looking for:

  • 2 to 3 concept artists (most notably a character artist and background/landscape artists) so our 3D modelers can flesh out the character designs. I sketched a few characters, but my skills are limited at the moment. So will need help fleshing out the designs. I draw traditionally on paper, have yet to go digital. Am looking for anime style artists to work with, but am open to other styles.
  • 3D modelers (character modeler, stage/map, and props) Always open to creative individuals.
  • A composer or 2. Getting a few soundtracks going to build on the games atmosphere.
  • A few animators. What we are mainly looking for besides concept artists to flesh out character movements.
  • 1 or 2 sound designer and effects (sound fx). Those who are good with combat effects.
  • Team leader; game designer to help manage the team and delegate task. Although having an extra skill would be nice.

Who we have on the team so far:

A couple of programmers, scenario writers and 3D modelers.

Now finally the game:

Is anyone interested in working on a 3D Fighter? If so, then here is mostly what you need to know.

Title - The title of the game is “North Dragon Fist Tournament” or “NDFT”. It will be a 3D Fighting game with 1-on-1 fights. The main roster of fighters will be 8-10 max for a first game, since I’m sure balancing too many fighters at once would be a lot of work. But of course a chance of having 1 or 2 unlockable fighters.


Synopsis - An invitation was sent to individuals to be a part of the “Dragon Fist Tournament”. Looking for strong warriors who can serve under the Great Lee Dragon.

Simple story, yeah I know. I left it that way as it will be more important to build the background story of the fighters themselves, which I have a few in mind and drawn out. I’m no concept artist by no means, so it would be nice to have a character artist who can fully flesh out my drawings for our 3D modeler.

Price - $35 Game

Free Version - Free version of the game will only include 5 fighters. Will include online multiplayer, ranking mode, versus and arcade. Can obtain other fighters through purchase. Which will be $5 per fighter, including their outfits.

Paid/Unpaid Work - This is an indie project in where “revenue sharing” is one of the source of compensation. The other is through Kickstarter. Raising funds for further development of the game by officially paying team members who will hopefully be interested in future project developments. Main goal is building a team.

Monetizing - Some rare event-limited characters or outfits will be NFT.

Ranking mode - During a ranking season, players can play with other players online to increase their points. A match has 3 rounds. If a player wins a match, he’ll get 3 points, if he loses but wins 1 round, he’ll get 1 point, and he’ll get 0 point if he doesn’t win any round. At the end of each season, the top 20 players will receive a badge in the form of NFT and are allowed to participate in a tournament (held annually). There will be 3 trophies (gold, silver, bronze) also in the form of NFT in the tournament, additionally, the final winner will receive a small amount of money (I’m thinking about 5% of the game profit that month).

I have a fighting game mechanic in mind that I want to incorporate to differentiate the title slightly. But will still incorporate mechanics such as stuns, counters, taunts, block and evade to name a few. We can talk more about that. As for fighters, I don’t want to make too many move sets, but enough to reminisce the simplicity of fighting games back in the PS1, Sega, NEOGEO age, but with modern graphics. Heavily influenced by fighting games much like Tekken, Dead Or Alive, Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters and such.

Here’s the basic of what will be in-game

  • 8 to 10 fighters, which includes a boss (but not limited too if development progress to the point where we feel confident enough to add a few more)
  • Roughly 15 move sets per fighter
  • 2 throws per fighter
  • 6 Stage A, 5 Stage B (Total of 11 stages)
  • 3 outfits per fighter

Regarding “Stage A” and “Stage B” term

Each stage has a Stage A and Stage B. With Stage A being the main stage selection. Stage B is part of Stage A but is an extra layer (like what you see in typical fighters like Tekken and Dead or Alive). Fighters can enter Stage B by knocking the opponent into Stage B by falling, throwing, strong offensive attacks and such. However, one stage in mind will be without a Stage B as it will be a big fighting arena itself.

Main Project Focus:

Starting out, we will work on 5 distinct fighters which are stated up above.

Furthermore, develop a friendly UI so players can navigate between menus, fighters, costume sets and stage selection.

We will then seek crowd funding from the likes of Kickstarter to further pay for development of the game which will go to each team member. The funds will be used to pay for your daily work and any other materials you may need for development. All materials will be yours even after the project. You deserve it after all. We may also seek additional members and also add extra in-game content such as a secret playable fighter or a mini-game of sorts.

Other than that, the main goal is to build a playable build that looks presentable for funding.

Art style is reminiscent of games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Dead or Alive. Beautiful female fighters, built upper body male fighters. Every fighter has a varied look about them. There are some character descriptions at the bottom of the page to explain more about the characters personality, story and background. Still being updated of course.

Fighting arenas are mostly square maps with many variations to design. Most keen to temples and such.

I personally will be the lead game designer. I compose a little music, writer stories, do a little concept art or sketch mockups, come up with ideas, game mechanics and will focus on making the game; product fun. Am looking to put together a team. I have a google docs page that goes into furthers detail on the game itself. Including character descriptions, background story, game mechanics and such. If interested, hit me up for further info.

My email is browkd16pro@gmail.com if you’re interested.

Also my discord is FukiyoDear#9448

PS - I too make some Trance/EDM music. So if you want to join me and make anime music videos. That too would be cool. Would just need someone who can create 2D art or visuals. The artist name and subgenre is called "SPELLCORE".

SPELLCORE - Liberty Wings


So recently I have been thinking about collaborating with people to make an original kaiju series for Newgrounds that would be as popular as madness combat. but I'm having some trouble finding people to collaborate with.

my project is called saber and it's all about monsters fighting each other. unlike Godzilla, there will be fewer human cuts and will just focus on the monsters. the humans will come into the story around the middle of the project. the project will be like madness combat, where it's an episodic series with lots of characters and lots of action which tells one big story.

and yes there will be references to Newgrounds popular characters in the project.

if anyone wants to help me with the project, I will not only give you credit but also will give you some free art by yours truly.

if anyone is interested in joining the project then just PM me your animation tests if you are an animator and or some music if you are a musician

here are some of my monsters that will be in the project:


I hope we get to talk soon =)