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Hello fellow Newgrounders!

My name is Nath. I run the account Bowlcut Pug and I'm looking to expand Bowls universe with more cartoons, games, and social media content. I'd be looking for partners. It's currently not paid unfortunately, but I'm slowly aiming to build Bowlcut Pug into it's own Hello Kitty/Sanrio style empire.

You view what kind of content I'm going for on my profile and of course see more here: https://instagram.com/bowlcutpug. If you're at all interested, send me a message! I'm able to animate, draw, write, and direct. If Bowl does end up making money down the road, I'll be sure to compensate, but this is mostly a side hobby for fun, for the love of making content for people to enjoy!

We also have a small community going at our discord: http://discord.bowlcutpug.com/

Much love and appreciation! Hope to talk to some of you soon!

Thanks, Nath



Mizuki's Water Prison is a short vid/ Music Video that involing a woman with new found superhuman abilites!

The song of Inspiration is Ohgr's Water. I'm willing to use another song since copyright stuff. I would love to use some awsome talent.

I'm currently working on the character models and story board, but I'm feeling the idea of the collabs episodes in which characters are drawn diffrently,so if youre intresting once the design is out, then I say go for it.



  1. I'm posting this now because I keep forgetting anfd its killing me. (stoner brain)
  2. This WILL have gore and nudity. (1 naked tiddie lady, lots of guts n blood)
  3. This will be posted under another alias since I suck at networking under the other name and its originally for this account ( https://psmedia.newgrounds.com/ ).
  4. If you have directing experience, I'm willing to work with you, just NO idea people, the idea is "here", just need to be made.
  5. This is more of an effect and visually pleasing experience. So if it looks fun, it's in.
  6. Looking for at least 15 animators and a musician or two. ( if you can make some weird version of the song of intrest with some nasty wubs, extra points)
  7. I will finialize the group of creators once I feel comfortable. I don't care how many people, I just wanna do something cool.
  8. Don't harass me please, I am literally one person not only doing this collab but running a company with 1 person and a patreon with another. Follow my Twitter (on my page) if its important inqury.
  9. If you have a weird style, don't be afraid to message me, I want that.
  10. This is my first project im doing with ppl online, so I'll do my best to work with you all.

Heeey, I'm a newly started animator that would love to make something with anyone really! Also been drawing for a bit before but not that long.

I enjoy making anything that's adult themed, be it parody, porn animations or just loops. I got some stuff on my pages if you wanna see what I have made. Anything from art, some short loops and one small animations about Among us.

Love to hear from anyone that have an idea and are down for talking about one, I am done with comping up with ideas as well if you just have a theme or base idea.


I am an amateur writer who has been on newgrounds since the early 2010's and am currently looking for a mini-project to work on. I love newgrounds, critiquing creator's content, and basically grew up on this site. I am motivated to help create a bit of content for fun and for the experience.

Hit me up if you are interested in collaborating!


Hello Newgrounders!

I am an animator and artist and I'd love to work with other people to help them with their projects!

How much do I owe you?

Nothing, though exposure and credit would be great.


So, I'm not skillful in collaborations, but I want to try. I can do a bit of 3d stuff and a tiny bitsy of 2d drawing. If you're interested, dm me! Oh and English is not my native language, so bear with me. :D


Hello everyone! I am MeatySentai and I just wanted to put out there I'm here to work with anyone who would need some sort of animation,game, or even narration voice work done for your project! Right now I'm more interested in growing my experience and resume than I am to be paid, so I welcome any and all projects!

Below is my contacts and demo reel! Hope to work with you soon!

Discord - HalfBoiledRamen#7878

Email - meatysentaiva@gmail.com

And on NewGrounds of course!

Demo Reel -



I am looking for an adult male with an Australian accent to do a voice for a silly/black humour animation.

That's about the gist of it.