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If you need anyone who can make something for you, then, well, I'm open! If my portfolio interests you, that is.

Basically, I can do commissions, art trades, collaborative works, etcetera. We can discuss the details about it via private dms. And, if you still didn't know, I'm not looking to be paid back, just say whatcha wanna do, and I'll see what I can do.

A weird option, but if you just want to give advice on anything (Whether how to do this, how to improve in Art, or just something in general), feel free to PM me about that

Will be looking forward to talking with you!


I'm up for art trades with other artists that are generally around my skill level. Or higher, if you're interested!

Usually they involve me drawing up an image someone else's OC in exchange for them drawing one of mine, but I am more than open to drawing fan-art of something instead.

Some guidelines!

-I only draw one character per trade, and I usually won't incorporate a scenic background either. Most likely will have an aesthetic pattern BG like the examples attached (you may opt out of this if you desire).

-I won't draw anything uncomfortably NSFW, and I won't ask for anything NSFW either. Somewhat risqué designs are okay. This extends to pretty much all fetishes too.

-If I finish before you do, I will send you a cropped segment of my piece rather than the full result. This is for security and prevention of scams.

-I can refuse a trade if the presented task isn't feasible or worth it for me (Usually if they're too complex. I may ask for a different character to draw in that instance), or if I am just not interested in working with you on some other factor.

-Only contact if you can finish your part in a somewhat timely manner. A around 2 or 3 weeks is the absolute most I can tolerate, barring uncontrollable events.

Here's examples of my work! My art style is very simple and rounded, so I excel with designs that compliment this.



Contact me if interested!