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Hey guys, this is a new collabinator post from KXL, and in this moment, i want to colaborate with music for animations or games, just tell me your idea.

More details in PM.

-Kronos XL-



If you need anyone who can make something for you, then, well, I'm open! If my portfolio interests you, that is.

Basically, I can do commissions, art trades, collaborative works, etcetera. We can discuss the details about it via private dms. And, if you still didn't know, I'm not looking to be paid back, just say whatcha wanna do, and I'll see what I can do.

A weird option, but if you just want to give advice on anything (Whether how to do this, how to improve in Art, or just something in general), feel free to PM me about that

Will be looking forward to talking with you!


Hello! My name is Ripley and I'm a digital illustrator, character designer, and beginner animator. I just wanted to put it out there that I am open for collaborations of all kinds!

I'm available for projects such as:

  • Art collabs! (I do the lineart, you do the colouring or vice versa).
  • Comic collabs (single page or full series).
  • Animation collabs, or parts for Multiple Animator Projects.
  • Character design collabs (to sell or work into other projects).
  • Story / Headworld development.

I'm looking to collaborate with people who are passionate about creating! Preferably looking for people with similar skill levels & interests. Whether it's a fan project or one with original characters, I'm okay with either. I'd be happy to collaborate together for short term or long term projects.

I can also help out with things like:

  • Art assets for games (static or animated character sprites, backgrounds, UI & item design, etc.)
  • Logos or text design for games.

Yeah, I would love to be able to contribute my skills to a game if an artist is needed! I can work with text descriptions to bring your ideas to life.


I am by no means a professional, but I always put love into my work & make it as polished as possible. That being said, I also love to experiment, try new things, and challenge myself! I'm not seeking to be paid, or to have to pay to work on a project, I am just looking to find other people as passionate about creating & bringing ideas to life.

If you wish to collaborate with me, shoot me a message here on Newgrounds with the idea that you have or a project you need me for and we can go from there! Also, I have discord and we can chat on there if we decide to work together :D

(( Pssst... If you like my work but aren't looking to collaborate, I am also open for commissions. Just message me for more information. ))


Hello everybody:

To show that there is talent in Newgrounds, I would like to collaborate with some of you and that together gonna create the best Newgrounds movie.

I just need a few of you to cooperate on writing and music creation. I will designing the characters, making the voice of some characters and uploading it.

Whoever wants to join, send me a private message with the subject ´´Can i work? ´´.

Then they will tell me what role they want to assume in the collaboration and I will try to assign it to them.

THIS JOB IS NON-PROFIT, This job is just for the love of art, Good luck and have a nice day.


Im looking for more sound designers and music makers who can help me work on the animation I'm working on. People who want to join must show at least 1 of their work before i let them in. The music should be at least listenable in quality. I have my voice actors and writing and i do the animation but audio is my weakness. Help would be appreciated.


howdy! I'm Diablo and I'm here to announce my Marilyn Manson fan project, Nightfall. it's a NSFW animatic that's currently in the beginning stages and that is why I'm here to ask if anyone may be interested to take part in this project.

EDIT: I already hooked up with a composer. all I need now is listed below.

here's what I'm looking for:

  • a sound designer who is comfortable creating something related to foley.
  • a voice actor who has a deep voice and/or good at impersonating celebrities. however, they should feel comfortable making specific sex reactions such as gasps, grunts, moans, and so on. [side note: if you don't know what Manson's speaking voice sounds like, here's a link to make reference to (https://youtu.be/-h3jQcccQFs?t=1066).]

there are also things you should keep in mind as well:

  • I may not be here 24/7 to help.
  • I have a right to refuse some suggestions and I will do the best of my ability to let you know right away.
  • I'm also kind of shy. however, that won't stop me from trying to answer any messages.

so, this concludes here! if interested, send me a PM. if you also have a Tumblr, please do DM me. it would help a lot! my Tumblr is 90sdiablo. otherwise, you can email me at diabloprojects@gmail.com.

see you around! ^^


Hello everyone!

I'm looking for anyone who's interested in doing a collab of any kind. (possible)

I like to write for fun, and I don't doubt that I have some interesting ideas in mind.

What I can offer mostly is my ideas, as well as trying my best to stay in touch and provide feedback, I'll try and give all I can give.

Open to contribute whatever your specialty is (art, animation etc...)

Somethings to keep in mind:

1) I'm open to do nsfw or sfw so if you want to do something adult, for everyone, or anywhere in between I don't mind.

2) I am a student so I'm not available 24/7

3)shyness, things such as calls and such are a big no to me.

4)My preferred contact method is discord ^¬^

5) I still have the right to refuse work if I feel uncomfortable or if I feel like I'm not able to help.

In case that occurs I'll give my response (of denying) instantly and I won't leave you hanging.

6) I'm open to collabing for free.

And that's all!

In case you are interested please message me here and I'll give my discord.

Bye bye! Have a good day!