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Hey, I'm an artist looking to Collab with anyone to help build my portfolio, I'm available to work on art trades, concept art, and character design. If anyone needs a small sketch from, hit me up.


I'm aiming to make a webcomic series! I really need help tho cuz... quite frankly, I'm terrible at everything-

I'm hoping to maybe someday make an animated version, but for now we're gonna stick with a webcomic ^w^

Progress is a bit slow right now due to IRL issues... but! I'm doing the best I can!

Here's the premise of the series:

The world has been taken over by creatures dubbed "the Soulless" due to their ability to devour souls. Where they've come from is unknown, but they seek only to wipe us out. We hide together in the wastes to try and find a way to survive this horrible war.
3 Reapers control this swarm, each holding unbelievable power. To this day, not one has been taken down..
But there is hope. Advances have been made. And people with supernatural abilities have been found!

We do mostly everything in our Discord! Here's the link: https://discord.gg/7YT8F66mhr

We hope you can help us!



Someone has joined on to do some character art and animation. If you are interested in 2D backgrounds or items, please let me know. Thanks!

Hey, everyone~

I'm an experienced programmer and Unity developer looking to fill out my portfolio (and yours).

I joined Newgrounds back in 2004 with a different account, but I'm using this account for game development.

I'm going to begin working on a small 2D game in my spare time that will be published to Newgrounds.

I like older games, so think Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil for the PS1 meets Rick and Morty humor/art style at a retirement home run by aliens.

I will need someone to draw 2D backgrounds, 2D characters, and do 2D animations.

There won't be any compensation which I'm very sorry about. That said, if any money is to be made, I will be sure to find a way to split it. My goal is to make an awesome game as well as add to my portfolio for job hunting.

If you wish to help or anything, please message me on Newgrounds and we can discuss more.

Here is my current portfolio if you are interested in learning more about me: https://www.greggdev.io/



Hello! I thought it would be fun to do an Art-Trade with someone who is up to it. The only conditions that there really are:

  1. Be generally good at art
  2. No furries


Here's some examples of my skill level/art style:



Hello my fellow people on newgrounds, currently I am trying to gain a larger audience on newgrounds and will do anything to help out others. So if you want a profile picture/icon for some sort of social media account or thumbnail even (although I'm not good at thumbnails) I have a rather bizarre and stupid art style but maybe it has your kind of vibe. All i ask is that you credit me when you use it as your pfp and I want all rights to the image and the ability to use your commission on my account, please and thenk you