I want to make music for free for Interesting projects in order to improve my skills and abilities as a musician.

I will start by saying I am an amateur-intermediate level musician.

Started learning guitar(acoustic/electric) 10 years ago, 6 years on bass with some time spent on other instruments(ukulele, piano/keys, ~drums, ~harmonica, ~banjo)

4 years experience doing bass/rhythm guitar and back up vocals live in a band.

Basic music theory understanding (Scales, intervals, chord shapes, chord structures, able to apply this to a fretboard)

Despite all of that I only have a year or so of experience using Digital Audio Workstations, Interfaces and other similar audio gear, and writing songs myself.

My main goal is gaining experience and skill in my writing, and I feel working together with people on different projects is a good way to move towards that goal, and I also just enjoy making music either way.

I'm open to anything but would be especially interested in working on games and animations.

You could generally describe my sound as being very riff driven. I mainly use semi-heavy funky/groovy guitar and bass riffs as a foundation, then build from there. I like to build on top with things like, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, electronic drums, synth, ambient stuff, percussion, and so on. I can possibly have my brothers help with vocals or some fairly advanced guitar playing if needed. I wouldn't really say it fits any genre, as I take influence from many kinds of music like rock, punk rock, hip hop, rap, funk, metal, grunge, various video game music, and even some western and country.

All that is just music I make for myself though, I could have a crack at more melodic, ambient, soft, electronic or whatever else if that's what you want, no guarantees it'll be great, but I'm determined to try my best.

Here is a Soundcloud link to my music as I don't have all my stuff uploaded to NG: https://soundcloud.com/thebigwig1894

Each song is different from the next so have a listen to a few if you want an idea of what I'm able to do.

Thank you for your consideration!