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ningow ningow artist / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

hey, most stuff here on collabinator is pretty serious, but anyway... hit me up for your average, run of the mill, garbage, or not so much, ideas.
don't have an idea? screw it let's just talk and make one up
i just have a lot of free time
send help

i do Music (
will happily do dumb stuff like this> <will happily do dumb stuff like this)

Art ( this is the most recent stuff i have online)

and kinda do some nice voices but never really tried voice acting

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RandyRandom RandyRandom programmer Message looking for writers

I'm looking for people who speak French (other languages too) because I want to add another translation to my game. There are about 11 sentences and a few expressions that needs translation. Contact me if you're interested.

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The-Infiltrator The-Infiltrator artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

hey hi i wan is to make a is game and i am 2lazy i can make some game and uhhhh i can do somee story anddddd art i be drawin stickman ewwwwwwww
ok listen
I am a totally unepic game developer
I wanna make a game but I don't wanna use Scratch
I AM getting Flash and have NO IDEA how to program except a few lines of code.
So what I am looking for is someone who can do Art, Programming, or Music.
I can do some sorta story and draw some crappy stickman art.
I'm not BEGGING, I wouldn't really care if you don't do it. I can do something else.
Might take a while to accept cuz I have little time on my dad's PC and I may not have Flash yet.
Thank you!

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sketchysketchist sketchysketchist artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

In search of artists for comics.
I'm not looking for coloring, just inked line art.
I would create the comic layout and do all the writing.
8-16 pages, horror comics. I have an incomplete example on my profile page.
I'm thinking 25$-50$ a comic depending on how complicated it gets.
PM me if interested.

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fishmandraws fishmandraws artist Message looking for voice actors

Looking for a voice actress for a quick 2 minute animatic. About maybe 20 lines of dialogue. Message for details.

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RafaTheBeat RafaTheBeat artist Message looking for artists

Hello, i have opened commissions today. So feel free to ask me to do some for you if you want.

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dark-spit dark-spit programmer Message looking for artists

i would like some one to help make sprites for my games

ps can't pay

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MaxAntonov MaxAntonov musician Message looking for artists

[Looking For Work] Affordable Composer / Sound Designer

Hey everyone! My name's Max, I'm a musician with over 3 years of experience in working with digital audio and sound design.

Rates: Standard - per track/sound depending on desired length and complexity. May also work per minute of audio.

Here's some of my audio pieces:
Electronic -
Orchestral -
Rock -
Sounds -
(Keep in mind that most of my work is outdated in comparison to my current skill level)

Contact: DM or via email at -

Thank you for your time, wish you all a great day!

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SureDroid SureDroid artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello! I am a programmer who loves creating apps, games, and websites for everyone to see and use. The problem is that it is too hard for me to do this alone, and that’s why I need your help! SureDroid is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating amazing content for the community. We are trying to find people who love their hobby as much as we love creating games, and anyone can help. We currently have two major game-dev projects, one of which is a 2d pixel fantasy with the theme of floating islands, and another a 3d horror game. These projects can be a great way to improve the quality of your work, get realistic experience in a team-based environment, and work on a game if you never had the chance or knowledge to do so before. There are other teams as well you can be part of, including our Blogging and App-dev team. If you have any questions or comments, pop by on the discord server and send me a message. Even if you are not interested in joining a team, feel free to join the discord server and chat with others.
Go to or join the server directly at See you there!

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MintyFreshThoughts MintyFreshThoughts artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors, writers

Greetings from Minty Fresh Thoughts! With 2019 fast approaching, I think it’s about time to build a team of artists to collab with! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get paid and have a great time working together on an animation. Looking for talented motivated people who are easy going, yet creative. Of course I will be adding my own flavors to the mix as im decently multi-talented. unfortunately I work a lot and this is why I’m looking to collab. That’s right... I’m willing to pay artists for their time using my hard earned money lol, but it’s no problem as long as everything goes as planned! haha

So this being said, if this sounds appealing to you or you have any questions, just send me a message! I want to make a badass animation/ cartoon with fluent frame by frame deliciousness. Looking forward to working with some cool artists! Keepin’ it Fresh one day at a time!

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DiamondHengeStudios DiamondHengeStudios programmer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

I run a game development team called Diamondhenge Studios. Diamondhenge Studios is an indie video game company specializing in the creation of narrative-based games for the PC and Mac. We are a group of freelancers who are passionate about our respective crafts, and we seek to hone and improve our skills by working together to produce a variety of unique works. Right now we are a small group of creators, but as we release more products we would like to expand our company into a conglomerate of production teams.

I'm currently looking for paid work in order to fund my own projects. I have over 6 years of experience programming in Unity and consider myself an expert in implementing game features in C#. If you're interested in working together, please e-mail me at

Side Note: Revenue share is not on the table. I will only work for paid gigs.

I calculate my pricing at a rate of $10-$25/hr. However, if you describe the game you are working on and the features you would like me to implement I can give you a more definite price.

I have footage of my earlier projects posted on my youtube channel:

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3DMarioWorld 3DMarioWorld artist Message looking for artists, writers

Long story short, I want a friend to make art with & collab with, 'cause I always liked seein' 2 artists' styles blended together. =)

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trashyvoid trashyvoid artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I am a character designer, concept artist, pixel artist/animator, and comic artist. I'm comfortable with 2d illustrations, pixel sprites, illustrated sprites (the sort you see in visual novels), sketching, storyboarding/animatics and refined work.

I have experience in working with teams and creating game assets. I can work in multiple art styles, including cartoon, semi-realism and anime/manga. I'm also open for trying out new styles and I can learn pretty quick.

I do paid freelance work, however if there is a SMALL project you need help with I'd gladly do it for free! This means small pixel assets or sketched busts, though.

I'm very passionate about good storytelling, and I believe that a story shouldn't be confined to one medium.

I am also available to do NSFW content, though you yourself (and team members if applicable) must be 18+. There are things that I will NOT do (incest, noncon, underage, and some other things that would just be best to ask me about). If you're looking for THAT kind of NSFW content, please look elsewhere.

Contact me either here or by email @

Commission information: (now currently 40% off until January 1st 2019)

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SlashBolt1 SlashBolt1 musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

There are 2 Sections to this listing, please read both and not just the first, Thnx ^-^

Hello other people of Newgrounds!
So, I’m currently looking for a vocalist (either gender, does not matter which at the moment) for a music piece I am currently working on. It is a currently unnamed piece using heavy melodic drops in an emotional setting. General lyrics are still in the works, but would not be anything close to NSFW. Important to note: THIS IS A NON-PAID JOB, unless the song actually makes money in some sort of way. This is purely a hobby of mine, and unless I randomly happen to get picked up by a label that pays me or something, I have no intentions of making any money. However, full credit will be given nonetheless. If interested, please Message me here on Newgrounds or PM me on Discord (SlashDaUmbreon#6953). NOTE: I will not accept a friend request on discord randomly. Newgrounds is BY FAR the better way to directly contact me. Please make sure that I know that you are contacting me for this project. ^-^

In other news, I'm also looking to help out with games/animations for music production. Would be great to get a little more experience for that sort under my belt for the future. I'd be doing this paid or unpaid (though if it's for-profit, I'd like a little bit of the share anyway). If interested, please Message me here on Newgrounds or PM me on Discord (SlashDaUmbreon#6953). NOTE: I will not accept a friend request on discord randomly. Newgrounds is BY FAR the better way to directly contact me. Please make sure that I know that you are contacting me for a project. ^-^

SlashDaUmbreon (AKA Shadowscape)
- Founder of RisingDawnSounds (non-profit promotional YT channel)

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DreamEater DreamEater musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, writers

Hello Newgrounds!

I am currently looking to lend a hand to animators and artists in need of original music / loops / sfx. I have been composing music and posting content to NG for over ten years and I am completely open to whatever ideas you or your team may have.

I am not requesting payment for my services, only credit/links in the description where the content is ultimately posted (NG or otherwise). I greatly look forward to your responses and I truly hope that I can be of service to someone that ends up reading this.

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jazzcaster jazzcaster musician Message looking for musicians

let's start a shoegaze band!

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Golden-Bear Golden-Bear artist / musician Message looking for artists, musicians

Hey. My name is Adam Abrams , and I'm a music producer. I mainly focus in lo-fi and alternative hip-hop and I would like to form a music group with you beautiful-minded people. I'm a big fan of OFWGKTA , and draw a lot of inspiration from them , and I believe with our combined efforts we could surpass them. I'm looking for producers , rappers , artist in general , etc. If your interested PM , and I'd love to get to know you and see what we could do. This could be the group that changes our lives for better , but we'll never know unless we try , right? Below's my music stuff:

a little experiment i did on bandcamp:
my account on bootleg soundcloud:

I understand that we may not be that great NOW , but together we can evolve our sound into something so unique and so quality that the internet won't know what hit it. I think that nothing should be censored , and no topic is too dark as long as your being honest to your core. I love making music , I love rapping , I love creating stuff. I would love to take this journey with y'all to being the musical superstars I know we can be. Thank you for reading and if your interested PM me! or email me @ - I love y'all and if you have the slightest interest don't be afraid to hmu , this could be the life-altering group you were looking for!

godspeed ,
adam the god

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Sikboy1 Sikboy1 musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi there,

I am a student who studies music at college, I would like to collaborate with people with anything they really need music wise because I mainly want the experience of having someone to rely on me to make sure their creative vision is fulfilled. I will make full songs for cinematics for your films or games, I will make loops. Anything really. I have lots of experience in logic pro and if you want some evidence as productions goes, ive got some samples of stuff i do, but i will really branch out because i can use synths and various other midi instruments like strings etc.

I am a guitarist and am able to create loud rock or soft ballads which go well with intense scenes etc. HMU if you need a musician.

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octodraws octodraws artist Message looking for programmers, musicians

Hey guys! I want to make a simple platformer game, nothing too special, and I need programmers because my brain isn't big enough to do coding.

P.S. I can't pay at all

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KatieSapphire KatieSapphire artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

My name is Katie and currently i'm working on a project with some friends.

We are working on a project for an animation series set in the ancient world using ancient tribes and ancient languages. In this world evil mythological creatures try to destroy the world and they have to be stopped.

We are looking for:
• 2D character designers
• 2D animators
• 3D background creators
• 3D landscape creators
• 3D animators
• Voiceactors
• storywriters

If you are interested or have any questions send me a private message! 。^‿^。

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MoralSky MoralSky artist / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Ello Loves! My name is, Hannah Israel Johnson. But I prefer to go by the name Moralsky, through social media.
I'm working on building a company that becomes a legacy of let's just say, "Walt Disney". I know what your thinking, Walt Disney is worldwide successful company, It's a living legend. Well yes I know everyone does, he's a legend. But me...Us, we can be his legacy. Obviously were not copying or stealing from Walt disney, oh no. You see this world and todays generation, has lost what you call...Originality. And I or the company wants to bring that back, I understand this is a very ambitious task and journey, but anything is possible with a great team, hard-work, and love for what you do. Every company will have their trial and error, like Walt Disney's beginning. Unlike Disney, if none of you haven't realized, it only focus on one main audience range...Children. I know children are the joy and happiness of most society daily life and attention, and I don't see a problem with that. Although instead of just focus on one, I want to embrace the whole world globally; from children to old age. which is very possible. There was so many chances and other company's that could reach to Walt Disney success, but haven't; maybe because, didn't want to, to much work, or to me companies like Disney be little themselves, comparing themselves sometimes to Disney or even letting them take ownership of their company. Which is happening now and is most companies downfall, this company will not do the same or partner with Disney at all. Because they like to steal or take ownership of any work that's not their's, as well as change it and make your ideas and opinion invalid if it's with their company. Well not us, were different from other companies. This company will be more magical or just as magical as Walt Disney, but better, it'll grab families from all over the world. Also this company will be a collaboration with Cartoon/Anime, but not like the ones you see today original, unique, and different.

That's why I need a creative team and loyal and willing to work hard and make their dreams come true, as well as having fun and enjoying what they love to do, I don't want you to not have fun. A team on the animating/art side and a team on the business side, which can be discuss further if your interested or don't understand what I mean Business side.

The company does start NON-PROFIT, so I don't have money YET! To pay anyone until the comapany flourish and prosper. Although I might make an exception if your payment amount is in my range of pay, than yes I might pay you.

~Help Wanted~

{Animating/Art Side}-Main Help
*Talented/Unique/Creative Artist
*Animator(1 or 2 years experience, at least some kind of experience)
*Logo/Icon Designer
*Music/Soundtrack Artist

{Business Side}
*Copyright(Organizer/Holder)-Main Help
*Financial Analysts-Main Help
*Sales Representatives-Main Help
*Human Resources assistant
*Marketing coordinator
*Assistant Buyers
*Operations research analysts

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Lorenly Lorenly musician Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hi! I am Lorenly, a peruvian singer, composer, musician and Vocaloid user.
I'm offering music commissions in collaboration with producer Subliminal Sound Engine. Any musical service you need, we are here to help you!

If you need to listen to my music, you'll find it here on Newgrounds and the next sites:

SoundCloud 1:
SoundCloud 2:
SoundCloud 3:

These are some of our commissions and their respective prices (in USD)

Full original song: $40
Song lyric: $5
MIDI melody and Instrumental model: $20
Mixing and Mastering: $16
Song Remake: $16

If you're looking for something else, you can freely ask for it.
Send us a message here on NewGrounds, or visit our other social networks:


Hope we can help you! We're at your service.

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J-Gold J-Gold artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Heyyy I am an artist trying to make a game. The game will be a 1st person shooter with 4 teams of 6 with each character having a unique role and abilities. That's just a brief description of the game and I hope you can help me create it

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Davin-Owen Davin-Owen writer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors

Hi! My name is Davin Owen, Owner of AO Entertainment. We are currently working on a CGI animated superhero fiction, magical girl, action and comedy show called "True Gods: The War Beyond". I have created a bunch of concept art, and have over 40+ pages of ideas, characters, places, episodes, items and many more! I need your help to make this a real thing! I currently need artists, 2d animators(for a 2d representation of the show, which may become a spin off series), and if you know your way around making/producing music, that would be great, because what's a show without a theme song? These jobs will be strictly volunteer, so you won't be paid, and you will be credited for any work you do with us, I look forward to working with you!

If you have experience with any 2d hentai, or 2d pornographic animation, that would be great too, there are some R rated episodes in the show plans. (Need to be 18+ to work on any pornographic things)


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TwinkleDot TwinkleDot voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Hey guys,

I've written the first issue of a comic book series, titled "Meridiana". It's a dark erotic comic featuring violence, nudity and sex, but it's not porn. It's a deep story about a succubus that was banished from the demon realm for falling in love with human, and she is forced to spend eternity in the human realm with an insatiable hunger for men. The only way to regain her powers and earn the forgiveness of those who banished her is to feed on the souls of those she once loved.

I'm looking for an artist that can bring this comic to life. If interested please DM me and if you're taking commissions I'd like to know how much you would charge per page. The first issue is eleven pages and will be made available for free while the remaining full issues will be accessible via a Patreon that I'll use to fund production going forward.


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FubarBundy FubarBundy artist Message looking for programmers

I am a graphic designer and would like to work on a personal project of creating a clicker/idle game. I do not know coding, so I am looking for a programmer. Send me a messege if you are interested.

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KevDee KevDee artist / writer Message looking for musicians

Hi, I'm currently working on an Undertale/deltarune inspired original story called TellersTale. I'm hoping to create a short video for next years Pixel Day at the end of Jan. Right now, however, I've completed an incredibly short teaser video to give people an idea on how it'll look and play out. (It'll be uploaded later as of this post, in the meantime, I have some artwork of Teller and the scene.)

I'm looking for someone who can replicate the awesome music style of Undertale and Deltarune as well as create sound effects for the video. For now, if you want to show off your skills, I can give you the short teaser to play around with.
If you can create sound effects for it and perhaps a small jingle/theme then I'll choose who will help me.

The idea of TellersTale is it's an adventure but there are depressing elements. So a theme that integrates adventure with hints of sadness.

PM me for more details.

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o3oRadeo3o o3oRadeo3o artist / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

will pay animator to make kick starter video, 43 seconds video.

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isntthisrubix isntthisrubix musician Message looking for artists

I would like someone who does animation to use my new song HIDDEN AGENDA and turn it into an animated music video.

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Higashikata Higashikata voice actor Message looking for artists, writers

Female voice actor looking for roles in animation or podcasts. Check my profile for demo reel or message me with your scripts!

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combatwhale combatwhale programmer Message looking for artists

Hello all! I am currently working on a top down 3D old-school Zelda like fantasy game, and I am looking to commission an artist to do the cover art! I am looking for something painterly and magical, but also fun and whimsical. I am picturing something a bit like the fairune collection art:

This will be a paid gig, though my budget is not overflowing. Hit me up if you are interested or want to know more!

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SenexetSinistram SenexetSinistram artist Message looking for programmers

Hey, I am Senex,

in short, I want to finally finish something but am having the hardest time with code thus am looking for a friend with a similar feeling that needs a friend in art.

Long version:

Who is this person you ask well I am a guy with no friends that have an interest in game development thus have been going at it lone-wolf style for 2 years now in this time I have started many projects and have finished few this is not due to a lack of focus or trying but mainly due to being on the art side of game development and being too stubborn to seek help but I am getting older already (soon to be 17) and if I ever hope to Get somewhere in this industry I need to finish Some games and for this I would like to Find friends that themselves are in a limbo of unfinished projects and finally have realized (like me) that it is time to finish something if this is true and you are looking for a friend in art then contact me :)

Just wanna talk add me on discord Senex et Sinistram#5902

Thank you for listening to me and hope to talk to Some of you soon

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bitdecheval bitdecheval writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Hello, I'm an aspiring developer of games and other entertainment focusing mainly on plotting and outlining.
I have a few projects already thought out. (A NTR RPG Maker MV Adventure, Vanilla visual/kinetic novels, NTR Graphic novel of two chapters (Around 100 pages at most.))

If you're interested in any of these and are an anime/hentai focused artist, a python/java programmer, a writer or a composer/musician, feel free to message me. Or send me an E-mail here

Unfortunately, as of now, I can't pay you, but am working hard to be able to do so.

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SeagullTV SeagullTV programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists

Hey, I'm a musician and a programmer looking to make a boss-rush game inspired by Megaman and shadow of the colossus, but I would really like to work with an artist to polish out the details and really make the game shine, you can message me on discord (It is also SeagullTV) or here if you're interested, I really look forward to working with you if you reply!

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MarckEllo MarckEllo artist / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello there!

Brief introduction: Marck here! Impulsive artist and obsessive story-teller.

I've been (mostly) solo-developing a game project for about a year and now I'm close to a beta version, with a second demo playable in a few days. The bug population however, have probably risen to uncanny heights since the last published demo so now I am in great need of ALPHA TESTERS to help me find and neutralize the bugs.

I'm sorry to say won't be compensating for your aid, but once the beta version is stable I will immediately work on translating the game to a Newgrounds friendly version on another game engine so at the very least you might get a view exp. points from voting (haha, sorry, it's my first big game project).

Here's a few details:
- The game is a horror-esque (meaning it contains elements of but is not thematically a horror game) visual novel focusing on mystery and exploration, although it contains the typical drama, action, romance and clueless protagonist as most visual novels do.
- I will need you to do several playthroughs with certain set choices so it may require a bit of work.
- Experience with indie games, similar genres, or general constructive criticism is desired but not required.

This isn't as much a collab offer as me asking for help, but I want to finish the game before a certain deadline so I'd be really grateful for all the help!

Shoot me a PM if you'd like to help and thank you for reading!

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Snak Snak voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Greetings newgrounds family! It's been awhile since I've posted in the help wanted section; but with upgraded equipment, skills, and knowledge since the last time, I figured it would only be sensible to finally return! To put things plainly, I'm looking for paid voice acting work and perhaps even some writing as well.

For quite a time I've done vocals and writing all just for fun but, this time around, I'm looking to earn some extra funding to help build both of said hobbies. New equipment/studio gear/blank books/ETC.

I don't have a specific charge rate at the current moment for either, but I am negotiable regarding the time involved so don't be afraid to ask.

You can check out my channel here for a TON of my current vocal/audio works (which primarily consist of my own writing as well). Going further back on my channel, you'll definitely see how I've improved over time up until now as well. If you wish to contact me with an offer or even if you just have a question or two, please use my email (from my channel) or send me a PM here on Newgrounds itself.

Thanks all!

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afdesign afdesign artist Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

Hi, my name is Alan Funk a freelance illustrator.

I am available to do commissions for fan art, custom art, product design, or branding.

I work in both traditional and digital mediums.

Visit my portfolio at:

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danielson28 danielson28 artist / writer Message looking for artists

(This is a labor of love position) I need a character designer. If you're interested feel free to message me on Discord at MyExW1fe#8660. I do art my self too so take a look at my page if you want to see what I specialize.

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Kehmicle Kehmicle programmer Message looking for artists

Hello Collaborators!

I have taken on a pixel RPG project as a programmer and dove into the construct 2 platform. I am not new to programming, but am not an expert using this particular framework, although it is very simple.

I am seeking an artist to produce sprites for tilemaps, items, and characters.

We may use a 32x32 or larger size, with no particular color pallet, but defining a universal size as well as a few pallets will be one of our first moves together. Willing to accept multiple artists as well.

This is just a fun project I took over since the collab organizers basically abandoned it. Willing to share ad revenue, but I don't have a budget.

Thanks so much!

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