Tempest Engine

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Surrounded by stars, the beauty of Earth is striking. Contrasted with the bitter taste of rage, you take it all in for but a moment before the battle commences.

A battle for life and death, man and endless machine, Mars and Earth. Grab every chance you can and become legend!

When I visualise this song in my head, I see it as the final epic battle between the hero and the impossible odds they face up against an immortal army. The whole battle takes place during re-entry to Earth, finally taking the fight back to the machines that overran Earth in the past, forcing what was left of humanity to live a perilous life on Mars for a century.

I've been watching a lot of sci-fi anime again, listening to lots of Scandroid and keeping tabs on Space-X's progress towards establishing human colonies on Mars so I'm quite far down the rabbit hole, I guess.

This is my first real attempt at blending hard rock/metal and synthwave elements together in which the synth elements are not completely taken over by the guitar elements (like in previous songs).

I feel I could still take this a couple of steps further but I'm satisfied for now. I do want to add vocals one day but that's not possible at the moment as I don't have a mic on me.

On the production side, I'm attempting to keep dynamics more and more in my songs. This one is set at -14LUFS so it corresponds with current publication specifications for online retailers. Not that I'm going to sell it... Just good practice.

I hope you enjoy it!

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I like the grainy, hollow ambient sounds at the beginning and the bright piano at :26. There's a great cinematic flair to the piece, and the guitar solo at 1:05 is really refreshing. The mix is relatively quiet, but also clean and clear. I like the bridge at 2:31 - it's spacious enough to offer some structural relief while also retaining the cool sound design and rhythmic elements of the rest of the piece. The rhythm at around 3:21 is a little hard-to-follow, but the piece has a great sense of climax and resolve by 3:40 or so. Nice job with the filtering at around 3:58, and overall the piece comes together well towards the end. Solid work! I especially like the instrumentation and atmosphere on this one. ^^

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4.77 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2019
11:29 PM EDT
General Rock
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4 min 26 sec
  • Hollywood Orchestra
  • Reaper
  • Ozone
  • QL Spaces
  • Studio Drummer
  • Pod Farm 2.56
Misc. Kit
  • Guitar Rig
  • Electra X
  • Izotope - Alloy 2

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