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AIM - SuperNova

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Ladies and Genrleman, it is time to present my first submission to this years A.I.M. 2019 Contest! For this submission I decided to work on improving my old style of making music since the last time I submitted any song I've made which was back in 2016 NGADM Contest. After a long period of inactivity it was time to wake up again. With that said I was excited to finally be able to participate. The song didn't come up first, the artwork did which @Kamikaye allowed me to use for the contest. An exquisite piece for a fitting song I would say. Which reminds me check it out below;


I wanted to initially name it after Kamikaye's piece but I didn't want to plagiarize the title so I came up with an alternative; Supernova!

For some background of what a Supernova is an explosion of light that is caused when two neighboring orbiting stars collide with each other causing the explosion. A supernova is actually a million degrees hot and on average 6000 times hotter than the sun itself. It is believed that a Supernova 26 light years away has the potential to eradicate Earth's ozone layer. Interesting isn't it.

Hope you all enjoy this piece and checkout Forgestar by @Kamikaye. He's an amazing artist and his artwork is mind-blowing! Another thanks for letting me use his artwork too!

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I like the minimal club beat at the beginning and the sense of anticipation. The atmosphere at :13 is nice, although the synths and pads are a bit generic and cheesy. The piece is a little slow to progress, but I like the additional atmospheric riffs at :40 and sense of build into 1:04. The piece is still a little thin on higher-pitched frequencies, and 1:30 feels a bit like an anti-climax. The melody line at 1:30 is catchy, albeit not very dynamic rhythmically. It’s also completely overwhelmed by the bass lines at 2:00. The structure of this piece is a bit too drawn-out for my tastes. You go back to a downtempo atmospheric section at around 2:20, and overall it seems like it’s been a little too long without an emotional climax in the middle section of this piece. I also wish you did more with the drums throughout this piece, especially given the cliche samples. I also think the drums duck under the mix a bit at times, and you might want to tighten up your equalizers on a couple of these synths and take a little bit off the mix of the reverb. By the end of the song, the harmonic content here seems pretty repetitive, and I wanted you to do more to heighten the structural contrast in this piece.

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the elements above interact?)
Composite score

Let's Go!! This is perfect Drawing Music, I could feel the waves of focused determination as soon as I pressed play. This song's Hot as Hell and I can't wait 'til it shows up in Hotline Miami somewhere

Teckmo-X responds:

Let the world feel the good vibes.

This piece has the right amount of energy, not too much to be overly aggressive about it, but there's also this sense of tranquil beauty that seems perfectly evocative of an outer space scene. I can just feel the heat resonating off this sound design and there's a big "above and beyond" atmosphere that I really like.

The part that I wasn't so hot about (no pun intended - okay maybe pun intended :P) was around the beginning section. At the 1:30 mark, I felt like keeping that bass was almost too protruding, but I do see that it leads into the 1:56 section really well. Perhaps if they were a bit more in the background.

I actually think the piece gets so much better as it goes along. Like the section at 2:21 where everything gets quieter and starts rising up. The arps are lovely here, and the counterpoint with that off-beat instrument that almost sounds like it has vocal qualities works so well, especially when the rest of the accompaniment starts kicking back in.

Despite not really being into the first...quarter of the piece(?), I truly enjoyed the rest of it, and overall felt it captured just the right amount of energy necessary for this instance you were trying to convey.

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you for reviewing my piece Random!

My music always has some sort of space theme to it, like a feeling similar to it. I honestly didn't know where I was going with this piece but it came out nice. The part at 1:30 is a bit off but I did experiment with other options but my problem was that without some sort of bass it would have felt blend and I was thinking of having some strings or some subtle sounds in the background but that also didn't feel right.

I have been experimenting with other sounds as well and new ways to make music. I do know that there's a long road ahead of me and so I understand there's a lot of things that can be improved.

Thanks again!

the combo of sounds at 3:13 is magical, gave me a weird nostalgia that can't be explained


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4.47 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2019
12:08 AM EDT
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