Reviews for "AIM - SuperNova"

If this is how the future will sound, then I can't wait for it!
This is a very pleasant surprise, and of course a delightful entry for the Audio Portal. I really like the overall mood and tune featured in this piece; with the combination of synth instruments, as well as chiptune parts, I genuinely believe this musical submission is a marvelous piece to listen to.
Another thing I like is the catchy sense of beats and percussion. Even the small pauses don't interrupt the flow of the entry. I also like the use of background noises; they help enhance the rhythm, and also make the main tune stand out more.
All in all, listening to this music is an experience; it surely shows us how trance has still a lot to offer, and how it can manage to give the listener an upbeat, fast-track feeling. I enjoyed every second of this music; and I'm sure that everyone that'll listen to it will like it, too!

Teckmo-X responds:

I'm glad you liked it! Fast paced and ambient noise is what I was after for this piece. I can't say it was perfect myself but I enjoyed working on this one a lot. Originally the concept of how the song came together is different from my submission here on Newgrounds but similar in contrast. I'm sure music has come a long way and the evolution from back in the old age to new age stuff has certainly shown us a new way to create melodies in the process. I hope I can stay consistant with my music and continue to improve myself along the way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Let's Go!! This is perfect Drawing Music, I could feel the waves of focused determination as soon as I pressed play. This song's Hot as Hell and I can't wait 'til it shows up in Hotline Miami somewhere

Teckmo-X responds:

Let the world feel the good vibes.

the combo of sounds at 3:13 is magical, gave me a weird nostalgia that can't be explained

This piece has the right amount of energy, not too much to be overly aggressive about it, but there's also this sense of tranquil beauty that seems perfectly evocative of an outer space scene. I can just feel the heat resonating off this sound design and there's a big "above and beyond" atmosphere that I really like.

The part that I wasn't so hot about (no pun intended - okay maybe pun intended :P) was around the beginning section. At the 1:30 mark, I felt like keeping that bass was almost too protruding, but I do see that it leads into the 1:56 section really well. Perhaps if they were a bit more in the background.

I actually think the piece gets so much better as it goes along. Like the section at 2:21 where everything gets quieter and starts rising up. The arps are lovely here, and the counterpoint with that off-beat instrument that almost sounds like it has vocal qualities works so well, especially when the rest of the accompaniment starts kicking back in.

Despite not really being into the first...quarter of the piece(?), I truly enjoyed the rest of it, and overall felt it captured just the right amount of energy necessary for this instance you were trying to convey.

Teckmo-X responds:

Thank you for reviewing my piece Random!

My music always has some sort of space theme to it, like a feeling similar to it. I honestly didn't know where I was going with this piece but it came out nice. The part at 1:30 is a bit off but I did experiment with other options but my problem was that without some sort of bass it would have felt blend and I was thinking of having some strings or some subtle sounds in the background but that also didn't feel right.

I have been experimenting with other sounds as well and new ways to make music. I do know that there's a long road ahead of me and so I understand there's a lot of things that can be improved.

Thanks again!