Reviews for "AIM - SuperNova"

If this is how the future will sound, then I can't wait for it!
This is a very pleasant surprise, and of course a delightful entry for the Audio Portal. I really like the overall mood and tune featured in this piece; with the combination of synth instruments, as well as chiptune parts, I genuinely believe this musical submission is a marvelous piece to listen to.
Another thing I like is the catchy sense of beats and percussion. Even the small pauses don't interrupt the flow of the entry. I also like the use of background noises; they help enhance the rhythm, and also make the main tune stand out more.
All in all, listening to this music is an experience; it surely shows us how trance has still a lot to offer, and how it can manage to give the listener an upbeat, fast-track feeling. I enjoyed every second of this music; and I'm sure that everyone that'll listen to it will like it, too!

Teckmo-X responds:

I'm glad you liked it! Fast paced and ambient noise is what I was after for this piece. I can't say it was perfect myself but I enjoyed working on this one a lot. Originally the concept of how the song came together is different from my submission here on Newgrounds but similar in contrast. I'm sure music has come a long way and the evolution from back in the old age to new age stuff has certainly shown us a new way to create melodies in the process. I hope I can stay consistant with my music and continue to improve myself along the way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.