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A love song for our favorite angry cupcake. <3

From 'Lit Club Vibes: Wholesome songs inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club!'
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You sit in the corner as I quickly step in
With anger, you've been so impatiently waiting
I told you I'd join you for more manga reading
I'm not playing games, now let us begin

As we're getting closer, my heartbeat is skipping
I'm getting all dizzy, yeah my head is spinning
Your little grin is a gift that keeps on giving
Unless my head is something you plan on hitting

My daily life had a pretty boring setting
'Til you arrived and disrupted the peace
Is it just me or am I actually melting
If it's cause I'm chocolate, go ahead and have a piece

Since you love to bring up how I'm so dull
There's something about you, no need to yell
If you're allowed to say I've got a thick skull
Can I acknowledge your outer shell

It's a disguise
I'm willing to take a stance unless you're feeling outsized
I know, yeah we can take it slow
I know, I'll let it show

Your strawberry perfume is quite overwhelming
I can't concentrate unless I just say something
I lean in and whisper that you're really cute
Judging by your pout I should have stayed mute

My daily life was pretty devoid of flavor
'Til you arrived and made it all so sweet
Pink jawbreaker with a warm and sticky center
If it's cause you're candy, can I nibble such a treat

Since you're not too sure if I'm a dummy
There's something about you, I can just tell
If you'll allow me in your fantasy
Can I deliver you from this spell

It's a disguise
I know, I know

It's a disguise
But given the circumstance, I totally empathize
I know, I'll take care of this foe
I know, just watch me go

Let our fingers entwine, we'll be just fine

I'll make it all divine, my valentine

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This is really, really good. I thought a male voice wouldn't work, but you made it go extremely well. The only sliver of complaint I have is the part with no words should have lasted a little longer, but that's more of a personal preference on my end, so over absolutely amazing! Thank you for the amazing song.

Monika is disappointed thought XD

tallestrose responds:

Thank you so much! I'm glad my deep singing voice came out alright. :P I agree about the length of the parts that have no lyrics, they are very good. That's all thanks to Danne Harvey, who provided an amazing instrumental track that sounds very Natsuki to me. <3

Poor Monika! Glad I got to make a song for her as well. ^_^

The beat sounds rather industrial and hip hop mixed. The vocals are also pretty good as well. Reminds me of some other indie artists. Sounds pretty fitting for Natsuki is well, not bad. c:

tallestrose responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! We did indeed go for a more industrial, rough beat that would match her tough side along with the lyrics, and it warms our hearts for you to say it's fitting! ^_^ Natsuki is great. <3

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